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Father And Son
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Father And Son: Episode One

Michael O'Connor (Dougray Scott), formerly one of Manchester's leading criminals, has embarked on a new life in Ireland. He and his girlfriend Anna (Flora Montgomery), a Wicklow teacher, are looking forward to the birth of their first child.

When his son, Sean (Reece Noi), by his late wife Lynne, is accused of shooting dead a fellow teenager, Michael returns to Manchester. Sean hates his father, they have not spoken in six years, since Lynne's death. Michael is determined to save his son.

Michael and Sean's aunt Connie (Sophie Okonedo), a serving police officer, try to get more background on the shooting from Sean's beautiful sassy girlfriend Stacey (Wunmi Mosaku). Michael's former partner in crime, Barrington Smith (Terence Maynard), is in jail but ill with degenerative kidney disease. He offers Michael a deal - he'll protect his son Sean inside, if Michael will help him escape. Barrington is effectively holding Sean hostage - Michael has little choice but to play along, even as he suspects Barrington has set up Sean for this very purpose.

But what of Michael's responsibilities to his new family and new life? As Michael battles to be a father to Sean he is drawn back into the very past he has sought to escape.

Michael is confronted by Barrington
Michael is confronted by Barrington