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Far Away Up Close

About the show

RTÉ FACTUAL: A different perspective on some of the biggest issues facing Ireland and our involvement in the developing world, starting with Aoife Kavanagh's  report on illegal diamond mining in Sierra Leone.

In a departure from the previous two, this series is presented by four different and unique presenters. 

In this third series, Aoife Kavanagh travels to Sierra Leone - a country struggling to control the illegal diamond trade, RTÉ News environment correspondent Paul Cunningham travels to Guatemala - one of the most violent societies in the world, columnist John Waters give us his take on the complex problems facing Africa during his trip to Zambia and radio presenter Rachael English goes to Pakistan to see how Ireland has helped the survivors of the Pakistan earthquake.

Faraway Up Close provides a glimpse into some of the fundamental challenges that these countries face and the role of Irish tax money in their development.  Each week, the audience is brought on a journey that engages with the issues facing that particular country.  Most importantly, we consider the human stories that lie behind abstract problems.  

On the journey we meet people who confront the realities of life in forgotten parts of the world.  These are individuals who are struggling to improve the lives of their own communities and rebuild societies devastated by war, poverty and years of oppression.