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Revisit to families

A year has passed since Clinical Psychologist David Coleman first met our 'series one' families and now he wants to see how life has been in his absence. Has the shouting stopped, the screaming ceased and will our parents have remembered his strategies? In this the final programme of the current series, David brings some of our mums together to reflect on the last twelve months, whilst also giving them some tips for the future..

We meet up again with Emma Carlin and her 'terrible' twin sons, Kyle and Dean. We first met with Emma when she was at her wits end. Life with her twin boys had been a struggle from the start and Emma had found that the terrible twos had come and never gone! The boys refused to sleep in their bedroom, they threw constant tantrums and Emma avoided taking them out at all costs. As a result they had literally all become prisoners in their home.

Then there was Grace Koh and her family. We visited the family at a particularly difficult time.. Ben, aged 12, Jake, aged 9 and Abbie, aged 7 had been left reeling from the recent death of their father. His demise had had a complete destabilising effect on what was an already volatile situation. Grace's home was a war zone. Whether it was squabbling siblings, trashed bedrooms or a full scale rows about chores, life was never quiet in this household.

And finally there was Hilda and Gerry Griffin who were proof that you can lead a family to a table - but you can't make them eat! Food had always been an issue with their two children Alex (9) and Emily (6). Both children had been picky eaters since birth. Mealtimes had become a battle ground with mum constantly nagging both children - everything that came out of her mouth seemed to be about what goes into theirs. Hilda's anxiety lead her to spoon-feed Emily, who as a consequence found it difficult to either feed herself, or hold her spoon properly. 

Last year David worked successfully with all the families, giving them all several strategies for coping with their problems - but now twelve months - how will they have fared?

Grace & Ben
The Griffins
The Carlins