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Emma Carlin & Twins

The first episode in the series features 26 year old mother Emma Carlin and her 'terrible' twin sons, Kyle and Dean. Emma is a single parent who recently went back to college to study beauty therapy - but it's her home life that's the problem. It's been a struggle from the start and Emma finds that the twins are growing more and more uncontrollable around the house. Each day they constantly fight, scream and hit out at each other.. and at her.

But the problems don't stop there.. Because of their tantrums, Emma avoids taking them out, so the twins never get to go the playground, out for a meal or even for a walk in the park.

Bedtime is also a nightmare for them. The twins refuse to sleep in their bedroom, falling asleep in the living room instead. Each night mum is forced to carry the twins up to bed after they have gone asleep which allows her no time for herself in the evenings.

Now she wants a change, because by the time she calls on David Coleman's help, she is at her wits end. The twins are on their second crèche - the first one having asked the boys to leave because they were unable to cope with their bad behaviour. What will happen if the same thing happens again and Emma loses her childcare?

When David meets Emma he finds a mother and two little boys under extreme stress. The big question is can he help Emma wake up from the nightmare that family life has become...

Read David's reaction to Emma Carlin's situation...