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The fourth episode of Families in Trouble features psychologist David Coleman working with a family who are proof that you can lead a family to a table - but you can't make them eat!

For mum Hilda and dad Gerry, food has always been an issue with two children Alex (9) and Emily (6). Both children have been picky eaters since birth. As they've got older, the resistance that they have shown to eating has increased dramatically. 

Mealtimes have become a battle ground. Mum constantly nags at both children - everything that comes out of her mouth seems to be about what goes into theirs. Hilda's anxiety leads her to spoon-feed Emily, who as a consequence finds it difficult to either feed herself, or hold her spoon properly. 

Meanwhile Alex will only eat chips and bread for his dinner and frequently takes hours to do it. As the family descends into chaos, Hilda calls on clinical psychologist David Coleman to see if he can give them what they have always wanted - a harmonious dinner time with clean plates and happy faces.

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The Griffen Family
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