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The Mullen Family

In the second programme of the new series, Clinical Psychologist David Coleman follows his ears and heads south, where the sounds of a family in trouble echo around the Glen in Co Cork.

Having been pregnant 3 times in the last 5 years, single mum Charlene Mullen is now struggling to cope with her young children - 5-year-old Chloe, Abbie who's three and baby Leon. As a result, shouting and temper tantrums are everyday occurrences.. the main problem being - it's mostly Charlene that's leading the way..

A self admitted 'baby addict' Charlene loves infants, but struggles once her children gain independence. Frequently resorting to threats and shouting, Chloe and Abbie live in fear of everyone from the mythical figure of 'Policeman Jack', to being brought to Cork Prison - the much feared 'bold-house'.

If that isn't bad enough, each night from six o'clock onwards, the Mullen household descends into chaos. Once mealtimes begin, Abbie frequently falls asleep at the table, only to get a new lease of life once bedtime comes. As the clock hits midnight and the children's feet hit the floor, Charlene frequently hits the roof and as a result, everyone is miserable.

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The Mullen Family 
The Mullen Children