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The Koh Family

The third episode of Families in Trouble features psychologist David Coleman working with a family who are long out of nappies and 'terrible two' tantrums. But Grace Koh and her three children - Ben, aged 12, Jake, aged 9 and Abbie, aged 7 are still very much a family in need of help.

Mum Grace feels that her home has turned into a domestic war zone. Whether it's squabbling siblings, trashed bedrooms or a full scale rows about chores - one thing is guaranteed - life is never quiet in this household.

Every day Grace struggles to 'be the boss of the house' but frequently ends up having her authority questioned by her children. She's been experiencing difficulties with her eldest son Ben in particular for many years. He is belligerent, refuses to help with the chores and frequently loses his temper with his mother and siblings. 

Now Grace worries that her other children will start follow suit. She is starting to feel swamped by the constant shouting and screaming and feels that she doesn't have any life left for herself. 

Grace hopes that Clinical Psychologist David Coleman can help implement some structure in her life and give her the sense of perspective which she feels she needs. But with so much going on - will Grace be able to take on board the changes David thinks are necessary?


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