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The Thornton Family

In the first programme of the series David meets the Thorntons - a family of eight from Dromod in Leitrim, where the parents no longer rule and the kid is definitely king .

For 8 year old Jordan, 7 year old Ellie, Zac & Toby (5), Hannah (3) and Joshua (2), life is good. Being part of a large family means their parent's attention is constantly elsewhere. As a result the kids know that they can eat, sleep, play and fight how and when they want.

It's left to mum, Lisa and Dad Brian, to trail along behind them picking up as they go. And now these parents want change. They'd like more helpful children, a happier home and a sense of appreciation from all. But as the family call upon David's expertise - one question remains.

Just who will find it harder to mend their childish ways - the parents or the children?

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The Thornton children
The Thorntons