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Stuart Pollock

Stuart is 20 years old and from Rathgar in Dublin. He is in his second year studying mechanical engineering at UCD. He has performed in amateur musical theatre productions since the age of 16 and attended stage school since he was 14. Stuart used to play rugby in secondary school but gave it up to attend stage school and started dancing. He got called 'The Ballerina' by the boys in school for a while after that, but says it was worth it! Stuart would have liked to apply for Mountview Academy of Performing Arts in London, but says even if he had been accepted, it would not have been financially viable.

Stuart Pollock

This is not the first time Stuart has auditioned for a television programme before. He auditioned for the All Ireland Talent Show last year but the strings on his guitar broke during his performance, so needless to say, he was unsuccessful.

Stuart enjoys surfing, playing computer games and has started to perform as a stand-up comic. His first and only gig to date has been 'The Street Justice Showdown' at a club in Dublin when he finished in the top 3.

Stuart says he can easily chat to new people, and he obviously isn't shy, but he freely admits that sometimes he has a tendency to 'mess and joke a bit too much'.