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Conleth Kane

Conleth is 26 and originally from Lurgan in Co. Armagh. He has been living in London since 2003 where he is a jobbing actor and teaches drama one day a week. He has performed professionally in Walt Disney's international tour of Beauty and the Beast and as a swing in a UK touring production of Joseph. Conleth also appeared in a number of episodes of Casualty in 2009 as a student doctor.

Conleth Kane

Conleth originally moved to London to pursue a professional performing career as he says; 'that's where all the musical theatre opportunities happened to be'. Getting the role of Nick in the Irish production of Fame would be 'an amazing home coming' for him.

Conleth always knew he wanted a career in musical theatre. He started writing to agents when he was 14 and when he was just 15 he applied to drama school in London and got offered a place. His parents insisted he do his GCSEs after which he attended a Performing Arts School in Belfast. He then applied to courses in London and was accepted into The Arts Educational School to study Musical Theatre. In an attempt to raise money to pay the £11,000 in fees for his first year, Conleth wrote to 300 companies in Northern Ireland and raised money in pubs by going around with a bucket for his cause! He raised the full amount in only 4 months. Conleth says it's really important to him that he does well in this competition to prove to everyone at home in Lurgan that their donations were well worth it!