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Entourage RTÉ Two, Sunday 11.20pm

Season 2, Episode 2: My Maserati Does 185

Ari intensifies his attempts to get Vince attached to the blockbuster, Aquaman, but Vince won't play ball. Instead, he devotes his energies to attending a party at Jaime Pressly's beach-house.

At the bash, Eric hooks up with a Perfect 10 model, making him feel guilty about cheating on Kristen. He buys Kristen some jewellery to try and soothe his conscience, but he soon discovers that she cheated on him while "Queens Boulevard" was shooting in NY.

Eric breaks things off with her and finally starts enjoying himself. Meanwhile, Drama develops calf-envy, questioning whether his legs are attractive enough to earn him some of Hollywood's meatier roles.

ENTOURAGE is written by Doug Ellin and Executive Produced by Mark Wahlberg for HBO.

Vince Chase - Adrian Grenier
Eric - Kevin Connolly
Johnny Drama - Kevin Dillon
Turtle - Jerry Ferrara
Ari - Jeremy Priven
Shauna - Debi Mazar











The boys
The boys