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Entourage RTÉ Two, Sunday 11.20pm

Season 2, Episode 10

Vince tells Mandy that he still cares for her, but she is uncomfortable with the admission due to her engagement. James Cameron and Eric both worry that this complication will derail the production of "Aquaman", but Vince swears it won't be a problem.

The crew shop for suits for Ari's daughter's Bat Mitzvah, where they run into Sloan, (Emmanuelle Chiriqui) the daughter of Ari's boss. Eric and Vince show interest in her, and at the Bat Mitzvah itself, they both make plays for her.

In the end, Sloan goes with Eric, a fortunate choice, since Mandy and her fiancee decide to take a relationship break, opening the door for Vince. Meanwhile, Ari's boss starts to make a move to steal Vince away from Ari, putting a dampener on Mr. Gold's rare good mood. Also, Turtle and Drama have to jump through hoops to get a good meal.

Vince Chase - Adrian Grenier
Eric - Kevin Connolly
Johnny Drama - Kevin Dillon
Turtle - Jerry Ferrara
Ari - Jeremy Priven
Shauna - Debi Mazar