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Episode 2

"Head On" opens, but Variety tags Vince's performance in the film as lacklustre. Talking it over with Eric, Vince doesn't seem to see the negative review as that big of a deal, but during a visit to Ari's office, Ari tells Eric to not bring up negative reviews in the future. The trip to Ari's office does offer a couple of positive moments, as the boys encounter pop starlet, Justine Chapin, and Eric meets Ari's beautiful new assistant, Emily.

To help fight off the cloud of the review, the boys head over to a Rolls Royce dealership, where Vince picks up a $320K Phantom, then picks up some girls on the drive home. His business manager hits the roof over the ride, but the damage is already done. That night, Vince's "Head On" co-star, Jessica Alba, invites the crew to her house for a party she's throwing in Justine Chapin's honour.

Jessica formally introduces Vince and Justine, who definitely have some chemistry. Ari, who's also at the party, lays into Eric for allowing Vince to go nuts with the Phantom car. But if momentum seems to be slowing down for the newly minted star, it revs up again the next morning when The New York Times declares Vince "the next Johnny Depp."

Now Eric just has to figure out how to return the Rolls without pissing Vince off...

ENTOURAGE is written by Doug Ellin and Executive Produced by Mark Wahlberg.

Vince Chase - Adrian Grenier
Eric - Kevin Connolly
Johnny Drama - Kevin Dillon
Turtle - Jerry Ferrara
Ari - Jeremy Priven
Shauna - Debi Mazar











Vince & Shauna
Vince & Shauna
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba