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Sunday 27 February 2011


It's all over bar a few seats...

It's been a very interesting campaign, and a very interesting run of The Eleventh Hour. From the very first episode when Elaine Byrne took on two pillars of Irish media society, to our final episode on the night before the big count, it's been fascinating.

The FF meltdown was widely predicted, but the stunning performances of independents like Mick Wallace, Ming Flanagan and Shane Ross were a bit of a surprise. There was drama and incident in every constituency and we couldn't take our eyes off yesterday's coverage.

History was being made - with historic highs for the Labour Party, a remarkably adept vote management strategy from Fine Gael and impressive Sinn Fein gains. Dublin was left with 1 FF TD, and Dublin North-West has become the first constituency to have no Fianna Fail or Fine Gael TD.

With a few seats left to fill there's still a few more chapters in the story of Election 2011.

Then the business of government will begin, but that will be another story in itself. Will the presumed FG-Labour coalition last? Will Fianna Fail discover a way of revitalising itself? Will Sinn Fein and the United Left Alliance prosper in opposition? There's plenty of political stories to look forward to during the 31st Dail.