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Thursday 03 February 2011


Week one done

So... the first week of our run has been completed. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, in the bag. This morning we'll be discussing how we should go about covering next week.

Before that though a quick apology, I didn't get around to blogging about the show last night. I was too busy trying to cut the little video inserts you may have seen if you tuned in (what... what do you mean you weren't watching? Well! Get off this blog post haste!).

In the original plan of action for the show there was ideas about doing self-shot video inserts for each show. But with the mooted date for the election jumping forward a few weeks that went out the window, it was all hands on deck all day and night just to get the show to air.

Next week - now that we've got off and running (no mean feat) - we might try to get out and about. We'll want to look at the election with a different angle than that which you might see on the 6.01 News or Prime Time.

Constituency profiles are a maybe. But not Dun Laoghaire and not Carlow-Kilkenny, loads of people will be covering them with better resources and in more detail. We're looking for constituencies where there might be an unexpected big winner or loser. Somewhere that the commentators have overlooked. Somewhere under the radar.

I've four in mind (if we don't cover them I'll blog about them separately next week). Two are Dublin constituencies, one is in Cork and of the two others one is on the east coast and the other in the midlands. A free Wham bar to anyone who guesses one right and gives me the reasons.

Got to get back to the research. Thanks for watching and - if applicable - commenting, this week.

We're back on Monday. Though the blog may continue rolling in the interim, so stick about.