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Tuesday 01 February 2011


Panel guests for February 1st; 'Decoding the message'

Tonight we'll be looking at the messages the parties are trying to sell to the voter.

In studio will be Scott Millar of The Irish Examiner, Andrea Pappin of and Iarla Mongey, former press advisor to Mary Harney, now with Drury Communications.

Scott Millar reports from the Examiner's Dublin office where he regularly covers political events. He's also an award-winning author as of last weekend. He won the Brian Farrell prize for Best Political Science Book from the Political Studies Association of Ireland for his book 'The Lost Revolution; The Story of the IRA and the Workers' Party', published last year.

We had him in last week for rehearsals, we're not just riding on the back of his success. Honest.

Andrea Pappin is one half of the pair who run She is a former staffer with the Labour Party and press adviser to Pat Rabbitte. On her website she says she "likes her politics like her takeaway meals: Meaty, well-delivered, and low in MSG".

Mary Harney appointed Iarla Mongey as deputy government press secretary in 2000. He has worked in the media and media relations for many years including time spent as head of Government Information Services. He now works as director of public affairs with Drury Communications.

What messages are the parties pushing, what's the subtext to those messages and how effective is the spin? Tune in at 11pm and feel free to add to the liveblog on the homepage here once we go live.