show blog

Tuesday 01 February 2011


Ten extra minutes

Feedback on Twitter and Facebook last night was mixed. One thing was made clear however, the show felt too short. We've taken that on board and will be on for ten minutes extra tonight.

Twitter and Facebook - and also our CoverItLive liveblog - were hugely active in the run up and throughout the show. Tweeters using the hashtag #rte11 had their comments moderated into the live blog by members of our team. A lot of people made comments about elements of the show that they did or didn't like.

Some people criticised our graphics, some mentioned the show structure, lots of people commented on the comedy. We will of course be tweaking sections of the show throughout our run.

The one point that everyone seemed to be agreed upon was that the show was - in the words of one tweeter - "over before it began". So we've got onto our colleagues in Scheduling and they've generously given us ten extra minutes tonight. Hopefully this will improve the flow and rhythm of the show.

Thanks to all of you who commented last night and throughout the day. We're on again tonight at the same time, hope you tune in once again.