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RTÉ One, Thursday, 8.30pm
Ear to the Ground

Series 22: Programme 4

Ear to the Ground

Back to your roots
The past, present and future of the Murphy family have combined as Wexford man John Murphy, has taken on the family mill, producing a 21st century product, at an authentic water mill located in Ballindaggin, County Wexford.

When John Murphy was made redundant he went back to his roots, returning to his uncle's old water mill in Wexford to see if he could make a living from it. He now runs the only water powered mill still operating in the country. The traditional stone grinding process ensures the wheat germ produced remains intact and that all necessary nutrients are retained. Helen Carroll samples the results.

Natural resource up for grabs
When we think about valuable natural resources we think of oil and gas. Seaweed traditionally harvested by locals as fertilizer, has now become quite the commodity. The sale of an Irish processing company to a large Canadian multinational has highlighted this.

Farmers harvesting for generations, are now being told they need a license. Ella McSweeney meets a local seaweed harvester who is one of a long line of the Ó Conghaile family harvesting their 'stripe'.

With a company looking for exclusive rights from Clare to Mayo, are we giving away another natural resource without thinking about it?

Ear to the Ground is produced by Independent Pictures for RTÉ

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