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Ear to the Ground

Programme 6

ear to the ground
ear to the ground
ear to the ground

Flooded Farms

This week, Ear to the Ground reports on the worst flooding disaster to hit Ireland in living memory. With homes and farming livelyhoods destryoyed throughout the country, Ella travels to the Shannon region to meet some of the farmers directly affected by the disaster.

Ella speaks to one farmer in Shannon Harbour whose house and farmyard has been completely flooded. She also witnesses the community effort that is being made, visiting the local depot where fodder donations are arriving from around the country.

Witnessing the devastation that these floods are causing, we question, why has this happened, and what needs to be done to prevent this happening in the future?

Have we lost our World-Class Horse Industry?

During the 1960’s and 1970’s Ireland produced the best show jumpers in the world. Now, Irish riders are still very successful, but they are no longer riding Irish horses. To address this, Horse Sport Ireland is putting measures in place to rapidly improve the quality of the Irish Sport Horse population. But it is too late to revive the glory of the past, or is there still hope for the Irish Sport Horse Industry? 

While we were once world-class leaders in the sport horse industry, Ireland is no longer producing world-class international show jumpers. Darragh questions; just what has happened to our bloodline? And what steps are necessary to return Ireland to its place as renowned producers of world-class international show jumpers?

Reviving the Céilí House

Helen visits a farming household in Milltown Malbay who are keeping the céilí alive. Ten years ago, Patsy O’ Grady opened his doors to musicians, dancers and storytellers from around the country, reviving the céilí house tradition that died out in the 1960’s.

Although Patsy doesn’t play any instrument, to him, music is as important as eating or sleeping. Since opening his house to the community, the céilí house has helped to build a stronger sense of community within Milltown Malbay. Helen meets some of the local farmers and musicians that visit the house, finding out how this has become an ideal social outlet for farmers living the area.


If you would like to help farmers affected by the flooding crisis you can contact the following organisations:

Red Cross
Callsave number 1850 50 70 70

Society of St Vincent de Paul
(01) 8386990

For farmers wishing to donate fodder, please contact your local IFA office.