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Ear to the Ground

Programme 16

The Ear to the Ground Team

Tuesday 23 February 2010

This week Darragh spends a day working with a Rwandan farming family and Ella meets a man in Athenry, who is putting working horses to practical use again.

The Land of a Thousand Hills
This week Darragh McCullough travels to a farm in Kigali, Rwanda, to spend a day working with a Rwandan farming family. Darragh spends 24 hours living and working with this family in order to gain insight into a very different way of life.

Working the Land with Horses
The tradition of working horses in Ireland is almost as ancient as our forest heritage. Years ago these heavy working horses were used to plough and do other jobs around the farm. With the advent of tractors and mechanisation, it would seem that there would no longer be a market for these working horses. But this week Ella meets a man in Athenry, who is putting these majestic creatures to practical use again.

A New Season for Irish Farmers
2009 could be described as the perfect storm for Irish farmers - one of the toughest years on record. But now, the sowing season is beginning and new life is emerging on farms throughout the country. So will spring bring a renewed sense of hope for Irish farmers? In this episode, Helen Carroll looks to the future of Irish farming, visiting different types of farms around the country to see how farmers are faring.