RTÉ One, Thursday, 8.30pm
Ear to the Ground

Programme 10

Ella McSweeney and Mossie O'Donovan

Darragh reports on the issue of domestic violence against men, Ella investigates biofuel and Helen meets a bird fancier!

Violence against men
Ear to the Ground reports on the issue of domestic violence against men. Darragh McCullough meets a rural man who suffered domestic abuse at the hands of his wife.

It is estimated that 88,000 men endure some form of domestic abuse in Ireland. Darragh speaks to the voluntary group AMEN, which provides a confidential helpline and support service, as well as information, for male victims of domestic abuse. AMEN highlights the issue that while female violence against men is a documented fact, the idea of a man as the victim is still not a known thing, and often leaves men suffering in silence and isolation.

Biofuel - can we develop our own energy?
As the world hits peak oil production, Minister Eamonn Ryan is demanding that fuel companies ensure 4% of their sales come from biofuels by the middle of next year.

Ella queries what this means for Irish farmers - will they benefit? Is this an opportunity for Irish farmers to develop the biofuel industry and for Ireland to ensure greater fuel security, or will we continue to be dependent on foreign imports?

Bird Fancier
17-year-old Jenny Nolan has a passion for all things 'poultry'. Every summer she shows off her best hens at agricultural shows around the country. While most teenagers are thinking about how to fill the long, lazy summer days, Jenny is preparing for a hectic schedule of shows.

Helen Carroll discovers out what inspires this passion. She joins Jenny as she competes to win the All-Ireland Poultry Championships at the Tullamore Show. But will Jenny's hard work pay off?