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Ear to the Ground

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Ear to the Ground

'Homelessness' typically conjures up images of city streets while the issue of rural homelessness often remains completely hidden. With NGOs reporting a significant rise in the number of people sleeping rough as the government continues to cut state funding, Helen Carroll meets a woman who up until very recently went through this in South Tipperary. She bravely opens up about how difficult and soul-destroying it was to have no idea where she was going to sleep at night and how, with the help of The Simon Community, she is rebuilding her life.

In this week's Food Journey Darragh McCullough meets Liam Ryan of Moyleabbey Farm in Kildare. In comparsion to the huge agri-food stories we hear about in Ireland he is a minnow, but the little fish can still swim. Farming just five acres, selling direct at farmers markets, he has the lifestyle he and his family always dreamed of when they moved from London.

It's the great white hope of Irish farming. It's because of this that Irish farmers are taking a leaf out of Cleopatra's book and diving headfirst into dairy. But, in the last year, there have been a number of farmers who are urging a sense of caution about our plans to expand the dairy herd. They see uncomfortable similarities between this and the Celtic Tiger. Ella McSweeny asks a Roscommon dairy farmer is dairy expansion the next bubble?

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