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Ear to the Ground

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Ear to the Ground

Darragh Mc Cullough gets exclusive access to a cannabis grow house following a raid by the Gardaí. Having witnessed the damage caused to property by these grow houses, Darragh meets a landlord in Galway who unwittingly became a victim of this criminal activity. The man, who chose to remain anonymous, leased a house to a woman who told him she wanted to move from Waterford to Galway. She paid the rent promptly each month. Grateful to have an undemanding tenant in an isolated property that he had found difficult to rent, he ignored the nagging feeling that she was no ordinary tenant. One evening a number of Garda cars sped past him as he left his own house. The next morning he was shocked to learn that they were on their way to raid his property. The growers had knocked down walls, re-wired the house and torn up floorboards causing thousands of Euro worth of damage which his insurance wouldn't cover. Those growing the drugs often seek out rural, remote properties for maximum privacy. Supt. David Taylor identifies the warning signs to look out for when renting a property and our landlord advises to trust your instincts.

you're sure to find an argument brewing! Over 1,000 acres of forest near Ballybofey in Donegal have been put on the market by Coillte, valued at ¤4 million. The area is an unemployment blackspot and there is consternation among locals at the sale; they feel that local forest should benefit the community and fear that it wouldn't in the hands of a private owner. Coillte counter that they have bought more land than they have sold over the years and that this is simply a sale like any other. They reject accusations by locals that the sale lacks transparency. Darragh McCullough reports from Donegal.

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