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Ear to the Ground

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Ear to the Ground

In the wake of the Spence family slurry deaths, Ear to the Ground's Helen Carroll investigates the unseen killer present on every farm and meets a near death survivor.

Armagh Bramley apples have attained Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status. This puts them on a par with Champagne and Roquefort cheese, for example, in terms of regionally distinctive food and drink. Sam MacNeice, a grower of Armagh Bramley apples, tells Ella McSweeney how the apple yield is down by 50% this year as a result of poor weather and he talks about doing business with Mr Kipling!

The current trend for craft brewing is good news for apple growers and 7 craft cider makers in Armagh now use Armagh Bramley PGI branding. Greg MacNeice produces MacIvors Cider and has high hopes for the future now that the unique traits of Armagh Bramley apples have been recognised and various Armagh ciders won 6 prizes at this years' Blas na hÉireann awards.

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