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Ear to the Ground

Programme 7

Ear to the GroundEar to the Ground

Farmer and actress Mary McEvoy is best know for her role as Biddy in the long running farming soap Glenroe, but what many may not know is that she's spent a significant part of her life battling depression. From having to find a good reason to get out of bed each morning to crying every day for seven years Darragh McCullagh meets the former Glenroe star, who shares her experiences in a bid to create a greater awareness of the illness, particularly in rural areas. For many suffering from depression they feel that there is no hope or help out there. The problem can be further heightened by the social isolation of those living in a remote place.

We've all seen pictures of celebrities with their micro pigs but have you ever seen a mini cow? Ella Mc Sweeney meets the Dingle farmer who's breeding the diminutive Dexter cattle. Paddy Fenton is part of a group of seven farmers who produce Dexter beef for the market and share profits from the venture. As well as selling to local hotels and restaurants, the group have a van modelled on a railway carriage that travels to various locations selling freshly cooked Dexter meat to the public.

From the iconic visit of Pope John Paul II, to trips to the zoo, concerts, runs and matches most people will have paid a visit to Dublin's Phoenix Park at some point in their life. The Park itself is one of the largest enclosed recreational spaces within any European capital city and celebrates its 350th year in 2012. The Park attracts over 400,000 visitors, 250 major events and 2,000 sporting events annually. The new Phoenix Park Conservation Management Plan, which was recently launched, will ensure that many more generations to come will get to enjoy this unique recreational space. This week Helen Carroll gets an exclusive insight into this historical landmark from Dr John McCullen resident OPW Superintendent of the Park.

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