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Ear to the Ground

Programme 15

Ear to the Ground

Do you expect your vegetables to look like they've just stepped out of a salon rather than been pulled from the ground? This week Helen Carroll meets a carrot farmer who has 'Miss World' standards of beauty to meet in his produce. Needless to say, tonnes of perfectly edible but slightly ugly carrots, potatoes and other vegetables fail to make the grade and end up ploughed back into the ground or being fed to animals. Meanwhile, vegetable processor Michael Hoey has decided to use some of these rejected vegetables in soups and ready meals, while supermarkets plead that their customers buy with their eyes and leave any imperfect vegetables to rot on the shelf.

Digital, terrestrial, analogue, satellite there are so many terms being thrown around in the run up to the switchover from analogue to digital. For anybody with an aerial this means that come October 2012 the regular TV signal will be switched off as all broadcasting goes digital. To cater for the changeover. RTÉ have launched SAORVIEW, Ireland's national digital television service.This service will be particularly beneficial to rural viewers in isolated locations.This week Ear to the Ground finds out what is involved in making sure that your TV is ready for the new system when the analogue signal is switched off in October.

Agriculture accounts for 29% of Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions. So how much carbon does your average steak or pint of milk generate? This week Darragh McCullough travels to Cork to see how farmers there are curbing methane emissions and lowering the carbon footprint of Irish beef and milk. The carbon footprint of Irish food products has recently been rated as amongst the best in the EU. Darragh will also be asking what benefit this green status has for Irish exports and the agri-food industry.

Ear to the Ground is produced by Independent Pictures for RTÉ

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