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Ear to the Ground

Programme 1

Starts Tuesday 8 November at 7.00pm on RTÉ One

After the emotional highs and lows of the Rugby World Cup, Irish rugby hero Sean O'Brien is dump tackled back to the earth, quite literally, as he returns to the family farm. Helen Carroll gets to see a completely different side to the rugby star as we see him cutting silage, feeding cattle and reflecting on his other passion in life, farming. We meet the people that knew Sean before his meteoric rise in the rugby world and hear what his parents think of their superstar-farming son!

What happens at the Ploughing Championships? Thousands flock to the tournament every year but few engage with the competitive drama at its heart. This year Ear to the Ground lifts the lid on the mystery of competitive ploughing by throwing reporter Darragh Mc Cullough out of his comfort zone and into the competitive sport. Even though Darragh is a farmer, he learns the hard way that competitive ploughing is a completely different beast. See how he copes with the trials and tribulations of his first ploughing competition.

Have you ever heard of a farmer with no land? Well Ella Mc Sweeney meets the very man. Noel Mc Caul from Wicklow comes from an urban background but always felt that farming was his calling. He went to study farming in college and in New Zealand and decided to make his livelihood as a dairy farmer. In a few short years he has managed to secure a ten year lease and purchase a milk quota all without owning his own land!

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