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Ear to the Ground

Programme 5

Prisoners Raise Cows And Goats
This week Ella McSweeney is 'banged up' with the inmates of Shelton Abbey Prison. The prison has agreed to care for the animals from Irish charity Bůthar, at the prison's on-site farm, as part of their rehabilitation programme for inmates. Over the last two years inmates at the facility have taken care of 500 goats, which have since travelled to their new homes in Kosovo and Uganda. Recently, 30 dairy cows left the prison for their new homes with struggling families in the developing world. Ella gets to see the farm and learns more about the scheme that provides inmates with a positive way to contribute to society.

Helen's Hayfever Cure From Honey In Her Own Hive
With one in ten people suffering from some aspect of hayfever, many sufferers would go to any length to get relief from the relentless symptoms. Local honey is purported to be one remedy to help ease the condition. This week Helen Carroll takes her hayfever into her own hands and decides to try local honey, but not just any honey, she goes the whole hog and gets her own hive! We meet Helen's bees and also master beekeeper John Ryan as he gives Helen some valuable tips.

What's It like To Lose A Limb?
Farming is a dangerous business; so far this year there have been 39 workplace fatalities with 24 of these occurring in agriculture. Farming accidents are also responsible for horrific injuries and Darragh McCullough meets one man who can testify to that. In 1997, Donegal farmer SeŠn Grant was crushed underneath a combine harvester. He had his bowel, kidneys and pelvic area reconstructed and also lost his leg. We see how this dramatic incident has affected SeŠn and his attitude to life.



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