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Ear to the Ground

Programme 3

Would You Drink Unpasturised Milk?
Cleopatra bathed in it, many of us were reared on it, but what does the term "raw milk" mean to you? Would you be shocked to find out that raw milk refers to un-pasteurised milk, in other words milk straight from the cow! Farmers who have been drinking milk from their bulk tanks for years say that the milk is healthy, and tasty. However, the milk is also associated with many health risks, including TB and brucellosis. The Food Safety Authority is considering implementing a blanket ban on the product. But are they right?

Ella Mc Sweeney meets the Co Louth farmer who believes that adults should be entitled to make their own choice, and the cheesemonger that's planning to install a raw milk vending machine due to popular demand! She'll also talk to the Food Safety Authority to find out why they feel the product is so dangerous.

Poison: The Real Facts
Can you poison foxes on your land? Well that's the $64 million question! Darragh Mc McCullough investigates the facts of this complex issue. There is no legal poison on sale to poison foxes or crows, and baiting animals with poison is also illegal, however, golden eagles are still turning up dead from poisoning.

With so much money being invested in the Golden Eagle project, farmers are crying out for direct clarification from the Department of Agriculture in relation to the legality of poisoning and what alternatives are recommended. Darragh meets a farmer and rangers from the National Parks and Wildlife Services who are already using alternative methods of keeping farms free from vermin.

Is the Flood Of EU funding To Ireland About to dry Up?
For more than 40 years, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has been the European Union's most important common policy. The CAP costs the European Union ¤55 billion per year and is set to be revamped in 2013. Traditionally Ireland has always received a continuous tide of subsidies from the EU. However, after EU enlargement the spoils are set to be shared between ten more countries. The countdown is on to the unveiling of the new CAP reform proposals, which will give an idea of what changes Ireland can expect. On November 17th Commissioner Dacian Ciolos will unveil the EU's proposals for changes to CAP. What impact will this have on Irish farmers and the Irish public as a whole? Helen Carroll meets a farmer whose livelihood depends on the single farm payment. We'll also hear from Commissioner Ciolos and Minister for Agriculture Brendan Smith.

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