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Ear to the Ground

Programme 15

Big Shiny Diesel-Drinking Monsters
The last show in this series of Ear to the Ground comes from the machinery show. Darragh McCullough will be looking at all the latest gadgets and machines. From mini-quads to combine harvesters if it's mechanical Darragh will be taking a look. With the impending election he'll be getting your opinion on how you feel about the future and asking the political parties where they stand on the agri-food sector. What does the future hold for farmers?

You Can't Beat Butter!
On your bread, on your spuds, in your cakes, butter is a huge part of food in Irish life and this week Ella Mc Sweeney will be learning how to make her very own block of the yellow stuff. She travels to Cork, once the butter capital of Europe and learns about the history of the product. She'll also meet the Kingstons of Glenilen Farm whose traditional old style butter is taking the UK market by storm.

Tractor Skills
How many of us during the snowy weather wished that we could drive a tractor or any vehicle that wouldn't skate and slide along the roads? Ear to the Ground's Helen Carroll was one of those people and this week she takes matters into her own hands and goes on a tractor driving course in Co Tipperary. She'll meet the young people that are learning how to drive tractors safely and discovers that handling these machines is much easier said than done.



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