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Ear to the Ground

Heart|Land: Ear to the Ground

RTÉ One, Sunday 8 May, 7.00pm

In a special Rural Week edition, Ear to the Ground presenters Darragh McCullough, Helen Carroll and Ella McSweeney explore their own very different and personal relationships with the countryside.

Farm boy Darragh grew up in County Meath and always wanted to be a farmer. Economics decided otherwise, and like many rural dwellers, he now commutes to a job in the city, while continuing to farm part-time. He speaks candidly about the legacy of his father and grandfather and the emotional burden of farming failure.

Helen moved from Dublin's East Wall to rural Kilkenny ten years ago in search of a better life for her daughter. She visits the three teacher school and talks about the pressures to keep the numbers up. She explores the joys and frustrations of being a blow-in, and drops in to the 'local' to find out what really makes country life so special.

Suburbanite Ella explores her love affair with all things rural, and revisits the wilds of Mayo where she studied for her zoology degree and became a convert to the rural way. She walks the mountains overlooking Clew Bay, talks to sheep farmers about the changes they have seen, and drops in on a world class black pudding maker to see the potential for local food.



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