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Ear to the Ground

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Ear to the Ground


  • Chicken is the most popular meat in Ireland. Each year we buy 32,000 tonnes of whole chicken
  • Sales of commercial chicken total ¤181 million annually while sales of free range chicken, like those in this weeks' episode, account for only 5.7%, or ¤10.4 million
  • Sales of free range chicken have dropped by 10% over the past year
  • Free range chicken is typically 18% more expensive than its commercial counterpart
  • On average, Irish people eat 32kg of chicken a year. That's the equivalent of about one chicken fillet every day!*

Source: Bord Bia
*Source: Suzanne Campbell, The Irish Times
For recipes; http://www.bordbia.ie/aboutfood/recipes/chicken/pages/default.aspx

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