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RTÉ One, Thursday, 8.30pm
Ear to the Ground

Series 24: Programme 5

Ear to the Ground

Something strange is happening on one farmer's land. Fields are transforming into lakes, frosts and snow are appearing later, cattle aren't thriving as they should; and nutrients and structure seem to be altering or even depleting. What was, and is, happening on this Donegal man's farm? Is climate change to blame? Ella McSweeney visits Peter Lynch on his farm, together with a climate scientist to investigate what the future holds for him?

Can you imagine following the ripening crops from Texas to the Canadian border, driving one of the world's largest machines? The journey began last May in Oklahoma covering thousands of miles across the Great Plains. Harvesting with a fleet of nine brand new combines, the team travel through five states to cut wheat, rapeseed and maize. Darragh McCullough joined them in North Dakota in this presidential election year, to help bring in the US harvest.

We may not be able to make classic wines here in Ireland, but Tipperary farmer James O'Donoghue has certainly perfected the art of the Chardonnay of cider. Every drop of Longways Cider captures the essence of Tipperary, providing the perfect conditions to produce truly outstanding apple juice and cider. Helen Carroll visits James in his 25-acre orchard in the Suir valley, where this year he is having a bumper harvest.

Ear to the Ground is produced by Independent Pictures for RTÉ

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