Series 1: Episode Guide

Episode 8

Broadcast: 9/04/2009 - This episode has now expired

Damien McGrane is hoping to hook a Dragon with his simple and quick gadget for wall hangings, will the advantage of hanging a picture without a hammer merit an investment? Alicia Grills Grant and Anne-Marie Hamill literally roll out the red carpet for the Dragons as they pitch their business 'The Wedding Runner'. Meanwhile John Boyle demonstrates his floating shelves. Finally Tim Rooney is hoping his health food snack 'Surfseeds' will pass the taste test and ultimately have all the Dragons interested.

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Episode 7

Broadcast: 2/04/2009 - This episode has now expired

Michael Connolly braves the Den with a product he believes every kid will want. Can any of the Dragons envisage Animatazz being on the shelves this Christmas and if so will they invest their hard earned cash? In home pamper parties and pole-dancing classes are part of the business Vera Wade is hoping to tempt the Dragons with, meanwhile Cormac Walsh is pitching a natural zero calorie sugar that he wants to use in healthy food snacks. Alan Ennis and David Daly are hoping not to be flushed out of the Den with their unusual invention the Toilet Snake. They believe this hygienic toilet cleaner will eliminate the need for a toilet brush and are hoping the Dragons will be fighting to invest.

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Episode 6

Broadcast: 26/03/2009 - This episode has now expired

Lisa O Connell tries to entice the Dragons to invest her product 'Clean Pass', a unique specialized course in infection control and hygiene for support staff in the healthcare sector. Will the Dragons be tempted by a product that could benefit hospitals nationwide? Kurt Reinhardt and Carl Denby pitch their anti-theft alarm for oil while Tim Rowe appeals to the Dragons musical side with his invention 'Cordelia'. With more than one product to pitch Darren Louet-Feisser wants the Dragons to invest in his company As well as designing new innovations Darren's company also re-invents existing ones.

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Episode 5

Broadcast: 19/03/2009 - This episode has now expired

Goldsmith Elaine-Sarah Comerford is hoping to dazzle the Dragons with her unusual jewellery range 'Buttons'. A modern twist on the traditional charm bracelet, Elaine-Sarah believes her product with the right backing could have massive global potential. Ken McFeeters appeals to the Dragons green side with his invention the 'Fax Cop' while Gary Paul appeals to their sense of humour with his exploitation of leprechaun hair! Sticking with the green-theme, Gina Geagan and Jo Nash pitch '' a consumer focused green lifestyle site. Will they convince the Dragons to part with their cash?

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Episode 4

Broadcast: 12/03/2009 - This episode has now expired

Ana Derham pitches the Dragons her new business, Bags-of-Fashion. Can she convince the Dragons that the women of Ireland are ready for a website where you can buy or borrow that ultimate luxury accessory? Meanwhile Adrian Channing takes his son into the Den to prove his invention 'The Grass Carver' will be the next big craze while Pat Sheridan unveils a product he believes no car boot should be without. Cathal Leonard is last to try his luck as he demonstrates his new device that makes the art tiling, easier, cheaper, faster & safer. Will any of the Dragons see potential in 'Tilego'.

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Episode 3

Broadcast: 5/03/2009 - This episode has now expired

Ed O'Brien from Tipperary endeavours to entice the Dragons to invest in his invention 'The Hangout' which he describes as a cross between a gazebo and a clothesline. Meanwhile Colm Stundon and Pat O'Shaughnessy unveil their energy saving devise while Paula Rabbitte and Fiona Forde use the den to host a mini fashion show. Last but by no means least, Colin Carroll dazes the Dragons firstly with his flourescent yellow suit and then with his business idea 'Paddy Games'.

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Episode 2

Broadcast: 26/02/2009 - This episode has now expired

First up is Kate Hyde from Waterford. She wants to persuade the Dragons to invest ¤30k in her website Will her mascot 'Stella' the hen-part hen have the desired effect? Tony Frattaroli temps the Dragons with his famous pizza whilst Michael Houghton demonstrates his new take on children's stabilizers. Finally Adrian Keegan endeavours to light up the Den with his invention the 'Kaylite', a handbag illumination device that he thinks merits an investment.

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Episode 1

Broadcast: 19/02/2009 - This episode has now expired

Eamonn Nealon and Patrick Fitzgerald appeal to our Dragons hygienic nature by pitching their solution to dirty money, a cash register cleaning system. Will the Dragons see enough potential in Clean Cash to invest ¤100k for 15%?

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