Series 5: Episode 9

Broadcast: 28/04/2012

Dragons Den

Name: Ciara Whooley
Idea: Irish Baubles
Location: Greystones, Co. Wicklow

The Pitch:"I design unique baubles perfect for corporate gifts, wedding favours and souvenirs which are hand painted from the inside."

How did you come up with the idea: When I was younger I used to travel to craft fairs around Europe with my family and we always purchased a decoration to remind us of our visit. When I returned home I always wondered why there was nothing for my home town of Greystones. I thought at first about printing on baubles but I felt that magical feeling just wasn't captured. I then found a group of artists who paint inside glass and I got a few samples done. They captured everything I was looking for, and from there the business has grown.

Personal Information: Business was something I always had a keen interest in. From the age of 14 I was buying cards online and then selling them at a higher mark up in my local car boot sale every weekend. I was 16 and in transition year when I started working on the idea that became Irish Baubles. During my first year in business everything seemed to happen so fast, in December I sold my first 200 units and in March I won the Wicklow Student Enterprise Awards. In between March and April I signed contracts with Down Syndrome Ireland and other charities, I also secured shelf space in a number of retail outlets. Then in April I won the National Student Enterprise Awards and after that the business really took off! I now design baubles for the corporate, charity, wedding and gift market.

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Dragons Den

Name: Daniel Traas & Michael Barlow
Idea: Dan and Mikes Ice Cream and Sorbets
Location:Clonmel, County Tipperary

The Pitch:"We make delicious Ice creams and sorbets using surplus fruits and locally sourced ingredients"

How did you come up with the idea: Daniel's Dad owns an apple farm and grows many different fruits. We noticed some perfect fruits being wasted because they were in surplus so we decided to come up with an idea in which we could use these extra fruits when we thought of ice-cream

Personal Information:Daniel: I love playing sport especially soccer and gaelic football. I like to think I am smart in school! I had some idea of running a business as my dad owns his own business as well. Michael: I am an excellent hurling and football player. I also enjoy playing soccer. My friends think I am very funny. I also have some idea of running a business because my father runs a car dealership service

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Dragons Den

Name: Joshua Laycock
Idea: Making and selling natural skin products
Location: Fenagh. Co.Carlow

The Pitch: Genuinely Josh's skin care products are homemade, natural and chemical free. They are reasonably priced and most of our ingredients and packaging are sourced from Irish companies.

How you came up with Idea: During Transition Year I was shown in a workshop how to make lip-balm and soap. My mother was ill in hospital at the time so I gave her the lip-balm as a small present. She told me it was so nice that I should make and sell some for my mini-company. They were so successful I expanded into making moisturiser's, bath bombs, hand cream and body lotion.

Personal Information: I am a 17 year old 5th year student in the Presentation De La Salle College in Bagenalstown Co. Carlow. I enjoy being with my friends, reading, listening to music, playing guitar and Xbox.

I started my mini- company in November 2011 as a Transition Year project. I entered the Carlow Enterprise Awards competition and won the senior school and county award. I represented Carlow in the All-Ireland Enterprise Award in Croke Park, Dublin. I also won an award in the Kilkenny Get up and Go competition for individual excellence. I was delighted to be on of the finalists to enter Dragons Den.

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Dragons Den

Name:Lauren Burke, Alex Whelan & Jennifer Chadwick
Idea: Focail Iontacha
Location: Regina Mundi College, Douglas, Cork.

The Pitch: We have created a fun, educational and innovative card game to help promote literacy and numeracy skills through the medium of Irish.

How did you come up with the idea: Our business teacher told us about Junior Dragons' Den and the whole class was randomly divided into groups and we were tasked to come up with possible business ideas.

Personal Information:

All company members are Transition Year students in Regina Mundi College, Douglas, Cork.

I'm Lauren Burke and I am 15 years old, the youngest of our group. I enjoy spending time with my friends and sport, with my favourite sport being soccer. I'm a competitive person and don't like to lose, but I'm not a sore loser. I love travelling and seeing new places. In the future I would like to do a course in BIS or accounting and would like to run my own business.

My name is Alex and I am 16 years old. I enjoy most sports, in particular, soccer, football and horse riding and like to spend time socialising with my friends. I have a never-ending love for horses and in the future I'd like to be a vet and specialise in the equine field. I would love to own my own business and work in conjunction with horses and animals.

I'm Jennifer Chadwick and I am 16 years old. I am the Chairperson of our school's Debating Society - I love a good argument! I hope to study medicine in the RCSI when I leave school. I've just come back from a trip to Shanghai University through the Confucius Institute in UCC which was absolutely amazing! Apart from Dragons' Den, learning some Chinese was one of the most challenging things I've done this year.

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Dragons Den

Name: Karl Reilly & Sean O'Brien
Idea: LyeTech (product: iAwake)
Location: Dublin

The Pitch: An ear piece to help stop driver's falling asleep at the wheel of there vehicle.

How you came up with Idea: We came up with the idea when we heard of one of our friends parents fall asleep at the wheel.

Personal Information: From Swords in North County Dublin. Making a product, called the iAwake; to help stop the 4000 driver fatigue related death's across Europe every year. They're are five co-owners in the company. We all attend Colaiste Choilm in Swords. Started the company in Business Studies.

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Dragons Den

Name: Joanne Loye & Shannon Savage
Location: Co. Armagh, Crossmaglen

The Pitch: Our turnover to date is £2400 with a total profit of £1078. We offer both a 500ml, 750ml and our latest product which is the H20 which is design for the use at night as it turns into a flashing beacon of light. Our product is 100% recyclable lightweight durable and easy to clean. It fits all standard bottle holders. On average a student could spend £3-£5 on bottled water each week. Refilling these disposable bottles means exposing yourself to harmful toxins such as BPA. Our bottles are manufactured from 100% LDPE which complies with our food and drink contact regulation and each bottle can last for up to two years. We would like to set up an e-commerce website.

How you came up with Idea: As there are ten people in our business there were many ideas. We all sat down into two groups and came up with the idea to sell water bottles that people could reuse as we felt the pupils would benefit from it in school instead of buying bottled water every day. We added value to our product and decided to personalise to the customers needs.

Personal Information: Joanne Loye- I am from Crossmaglen and go to St. Joseph's high school in Crossmaglen. I am 17 years old and I am currently in my first year of A-levels. I am studying business studies, religion and health and social care.

Shannon Savage - I am currently A level student in technology and design, Religion and Health and social care. I also work part time in my family business.

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Dragons Den

Name: Áine Murray & Kaitlin Murray
Idea: EcoStyle
Location: Dublin 9

The Pitch: Eco-friendly & stylish canvas bags, personalised with names, logos and slogans.

How you came up with Idea: Áine noticed that the bags available in stores, for her age group, were branded with the store name and were not appealing or stylish. Together with Kaitlin, EcoStyle was formed to provide a better product in this market. EcoStyle now concentrates on providing bags to clubs, businesses and societies such as dance schools, drama groups and general businesses.

Personal Information: Áine Murray - Aged 14. Student at Our Lady of Mercy College, Beaumont. Interested in ballet, Irish music and drama. Kaitlin Murray - Aged 14. Student at Our Lady of Mercy College, Beaumont. Interested in camogie, piano and drama. EcoStyle came first in the Dublin final of the Student Enterprise Awards operated by the Dublin City Enterprise Board and has presented at a Dublin Chamber of Commerce Expo. Both Áine and Kaitlin want to pursue careers as entrepreneurs.

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Dragons Den

Name: Steven Brosnan
Idea: F21--D
Location: Limerick

The Pitch: A unique formulae screenwash with added anti freeze for irish raods and weather conditrions

How you came up with Idea: (Started out as a class project, and developed into a real business)

Personal Information: (TY student in Desmond College, interested in all sports and making money)

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Dragons Den

Name: Jordan Casey
Idea: Casey Games
Location: Waterford

The Pitch: An independent web and mobile video game company

How you came up with Idea: I played an online world for a while and I always wondered how it was created, so I bought books and learnt to write code. Originally just for websites. After the websites though, I went into programming.

Personal Information: I'm a 13 year old self taught programmer.I go to school in De La Salle Wateford. As well as computers, I have a massive interest in football.

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