Series 5: Episode 5

Broadcast: 31/03/2012

Dragons Den

Name: John O'Donoghue
Idea: Walton Magazine
Investment: €20,000
Equity: 25%
Location:Listowel, Co. Kerry

The Pitch:"Ireland currently has no STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) media outlet and we want to fill that void with a magazine, online news and an app."

How did you come up with the idea: I regularly buy science and technology magazines but I found that they are all UK or US based. I wanted to find out about Irish related STEM news but found that there was no magazine or media company catering for that.

John hails from Listowel, Co.Kerry and studied for a BSc in Chemistry at University College Cork. He's currently completing his PhD in Platinum Anti-Cancer Compounds also at UCC. John was the winner of the 2011 UCC Doctoral Showcase and the Inorganic Chemistry Award at the 2011 Irish Chemistry Colloquium. He has written for college magazines, college newspaper and regional newspapers. He was elected as the Media Officer for the UCC Societies Guild and started his own Society (The Postgrad Society). He has also won awards for achievements in UCC such as the STAR award 2009, Beni Merenti 2010 and Student leadership Award 2011. He was also a finalist at the Oxygen Student Media Awards in April 2011 and 2012.

Personal Information: Born in 1958 in Westmeath, moved to Dublin when very small after my father passed away, immigrated to Canada with my mother and sister in 1967. Mum sent us back to Ireland to go to boarding school :(. Studied electrical engineering at Limerick VEC. Got involved in the repair of Disco equipment and became a disc jockey! Started a radio station and had prime slot, ran a recording studio producing adverts for radio station. Got involved in the coin operated amusement business, got married to Eileen (I chased her for a full year……then she caught me!). Had twins after 10 years married (Julianne & Danielle), they are 14 now and superstars. Appeared on Dragons Den...Have new job working night and day for :)

My background is as follows, I graduated from UCD with a first class Honours Degree in 2006 in Sports Management. I represented Ireland at International level in Swimming for over six years. I got into the sport of triathlon in 2010 and established one of the biggest clubs in the country and now I'm looking for a career in the sport.

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Dragons Den

Name:Veronica Kelleher
Idea: Horsezone
Investment: €30,000
Equity: 20%
Location: Riverstick, Co Cork

The Pitch: Dedicated Horse Website to serve as a buying and selling platform for all the equine people in Ireland.

How you came up with Idea:

Personal Information: 34 years of age, from Kinsale in Co Cork. Degree in Business Management and managed pub for ten years, the business is now currently leased out. Her husband is in farming-- he has dry cattle and race horses, brood mares and foals.


Dragons Den

Name: Susan Kelly
Idea: Naturamatics
Investment: €25,000
Equity: 30%
Location: Clontarf, Dublin

The Pitch: Organic skin care hand made in Ireland.

How did you come up with the idea: Nobody else in Ireland at the time I started business in 2011 had a fully certified organic skin care company so it was a real opportunity for me to turn what I love into a business.

Personal Information:

I am a fully qualified aromatherapist and beauty specialist.

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Dragons Den

Name: Robert Bullock
Idea: Le Patissier - Share the passion
Investment: €40,000
Equity: 15%
Location: Skerries, North County Dublin

The Pitch: Le Patissier is a high quality food brand specialising in patisserie, desserts and gourmet cookies for the food service, online and retail industry.

How you came up with Idea: There is a gap in both the domestic and international market for high end innovative patisserie and desserts. Using my learned skills as a qualified Patissier and my extensive business background I am looking to fill that gap.

Personal Information: A qualified pastry chef by trade I learned my skills in London in the early 90's. I studied distance learning in the evenings and weekends for a degree in Business and began my managerial career in the late 90's. In 2002 I was seconded to direct Aer Lingus Catering and to assist in the strategic direction of the airline. This was followed by successful senior appointments directing Aer Lingus cargo and Dublin airport with transformation and change at the forefront of each tenure. In 2011 I was head hunted to direct the Dublin branch of a multinational logistics company. With a passion for food, customer excellence and innovation I decided to set up my own company in the 3rd quarter of 2012

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Dragons Den

Name: Quickcrop Ltd - Niall Mc Allister
Idea: Quickcrop Ltd
Investment: €100,000
Equity: 15%
Location: The business is based in Sligo

The Pitch: We have developed an online piece of Software to help people Grow their Own at home. We were pitching for ¤25,000 for 15% of this business separate to our core business of Quickcrop.

How you came up with Idea: In the process of developing Quickcrop and working out how we could make it easier for people to Grow their Own at home we decided that the best way was to develop an online piece of software to hand hold people through the process.

Personal Information: The two business partners are Niall Mc Allister and Andrew Davidson. Andrew is a Graphic designer who ran both a graphic design and landscaping business. Niall previously worked for Golden Pages as a national sales manager and then went on to run the retail division of a large office Stationery business. Both partners respective businesses ran in to trouble around 2009 and Quickcrop was born.

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