Series 5: Episode 4

Broadcast: 24/03/2012

Dragons Den

Name: Danny Grehan
Idea: (Omega Ventures Limited)
Investment: €50,000
Equity: 25% (plus retain 30%) for co-founder
Location:Adare, County Limerick

The Pitch:"Investment to launch monitoring system"

How did you come up with the idea: Minding the things that I care for. It all started back in 2006 I had an employee working for me at a remote warehouse. He was supposed to be at work at 9.00AM and because I worked late at night there was nobody at the warehouse to verify that he was there. So...I had an idea! I had an old mobile and phone which I wired up to a sensor which I hid in a light fitting...The rest, my friends, is History!!

Then I left the idea in a drawer. Some time passed.... Then I told my friend Jason about it. Some more time passed.... Then Jason rings me in the middle of the night and says "I've been thinking about your Idea....IT'S BRILLIANT! I could use it in my apartment" Even more time passed... Then somebody clever said "Did you ever think of going on Dragons Den with that thing... And I said "sure they have nobody that would be interested in my technology." some more time passed... Then Sean O Sullivan joined the Dragons Den Panel but it was too late when I found out he was involveda year passed.... Then they were looking for people to apply for the next seasons filming and in no time at all....I'm up there doing my pitch. You will never guess who invested in "" Now I'm on an SELR8R programme for fifty days and fifty nights. is now up and selling well! A great success story made possible by Dragons Den!

Personal Information: Born in 1958 in Westmeath, moved to Dublin when very small after my father passed away, immigrated to Canada with my mother and sister in 1967. Mum sent us back to Ireland to go to boarding school :(. Studied electrical engineering at Limerick VEC. Got involved in the repair of Disco equipment and became a disc jockey! Started a radio station and had prime slot, ran a recording studio producing adverts for radio station. Got involved in the coin operated amusement business, got married to Eileen (I chased her for a full year……then she caught me!). Had twins after 10 years married (Julianne & Danielle), they are 14 now and superstars. Appeared on Dragons Den...Have new job working night and day for :)

My background is as follows, I graduated from UCD with a first class Honours Degree in 2006 in Sports Management. I represented Ireland at International level in Swimming for over six years. I got into the sport of triathlon in 2010 and established one of the biggest clubs in the country and now I'm looking for a career in the sport.

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Dragons Den

Name:Seán Doyle
Idea: buddy
Investment: €30,000
Equity: 15%
Location: Wexford

The Pitch: Marketing/Sales of handheld device to record scores/duration at GAA matches.

How you came up with Idea: The concept originated from attending and/or coaching at 1000,s of GAA matches that either a scoreboard did not exist or was not operated. The idea then develop into the design and manufacture of a handheld device that solved this problem for supporters, coaches, referees, teachers and general GAA enthusiasts that travel to these matches up and down the country week in week out. The buddy can be found at the website

Personal Information: I am a Chartered Quantity Surveyor by profession and have operated my own business in the Construction sector in Ireland for many years. This has provided me with a wide experience in marketing and operating my own business which is of great assistance to this new venture. I personally have a great interest in GAA and have assisted in coaching in my own Club and completed hurling courses in relation to the sport.

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Dragons Den

Name: Caoimhe Smyth
Idea: Primal Food
Investment: €35,000
Equity: 20%
Location: Fairview, Dublin

The Pitch: We make bread for people who can't eat bread. Primal Food is a selection of unique high protein, low carb, grain-free & paleo award winning breads, crackers & biscuits, which are hypo-allergenic, aid weightloss and taste great.

How did you come up with the idea: The idea for our Primal Food products came from a huge life long passion for health foods. Real Health Foods which have a genuine & tangible impact on our health and well being, rather than just the same old product re-marketed to suit the latest 'superfood' trend. When a sudden and severe illness forced me to re-address my diet I turned to the 'paleo/primal' style of eating as a tool to regain my strength. A little more research and it quickly became clear that there was a huge demand for my style of grain-free breads, crackers and biscuits yet there was no one producing anything even similar, either nationally or internationally....and so Primal Food was born.

Personal Information:

I am a food obsessive, with a huge passion for alchemy in the bakery. Combining the elements of a degree in International Marketing & Japanese and working at home here in Ireland with over 4 years spent working abroad in both Japan and the UK, my career path has taken me from managing the consumer driven online marketing campaigns for the UK's largest fashion footwear retailer to implementing multi-million euro B2B search marketing campaigns for global tech firms across 10 countries. I have loved every minute and learned from every click, scroll & sales target met.

Throughout all of my career before Primal Food, my downtime and personal interest has always revolved around health and food. With the help of some life shaping events to steer me along the way I decided to take a leap in leveraging the huge gap in the market for paleo baked goods and launch Primal Food in 2012.

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Dragons Den

Name: The Dog Dunit (Eoin Franklin)
Idea: The complete environmental solution to the disposal of dog waste- Your dog done it! Use a Dunit!
Investment: €65,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Limerick

The Pitch: A company (, brand, and product range providing the complete environmental solution to the disposal of dog waste for both the domestic and public environments, including 2 granted UK Patents and other patents pending.

How you came up with Idea: Living in a housing estate, having an enclosed garden, and owning dogs, I regularly had to pick up after my dogs in order to enjoy my back yard and garden space. Especially if I didn't want to worry about my young son playing around uncollected dog poop. Outside of the obvious inconvenience of stepping in it, there are serious health and environmental hazards present in dog waste. The EPA (environmental protection agency) places dog waste in the same category as toxic chemicals. Dog waste can contain roundworm, ringworm, tapeworm, hookworm, E. coli bacteria and salmonella, which can cause conditions such as stomach upsets, sore throats, asthma, blindness etc. Our children are most at risk of these health issues. I went to my local pet shop, garden centre, and searched online to look for a solution and found that the only 'viable' solution on sale was a form of bacterial breakdown unit which you bury into the ground, but this has some obvious limitations, the most obvious being it's limited rate of function. In the end, I collected the waste in a galvanised bucket, and when it was full, lifted my sewer manhole and washed the waste away, it really isn't a pleasant or healthy job. So I wondered, how could I cleanly and easily access my sewer system without being exposed to an open sewer system? The Dunit! From there my different home solutions developed (manhole Dunit, downpipe Dunit, cleanout Dunit) along with my public system (Dunit Bin) and complimentary product range (flushable dog poop bags, bag bracelet, pooper scooper, tissues, training mats, etc). I began to develop my prototype and write my patent applications. And the development process continues...

Personal Information: I am 36 years old, I have a 3 ½ year old son who makes sense of the world. I love training and have been successful in sport. I also own a few dogs that are great to have around. And similar to the millions of people who own dogs in Ireland and further afield, my dogs are part of the family. I studied for my BSc. in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Limerick and set up my own private Health & Fitness Studio in Limerick in 2000. I began offering advanced fitness testing to clients, VO2 analysis, lactates etc., and developed into personal training as it became more profitable. I scaled my business up to having 3 training areas, and partnered with a physical therapist and sports massage therapist, and then around 8 years ago I reduced outgoings to become more streamlined and profitable and began working alone again. I have done so ever since.

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Dragons Den

Name: Eoin Ryan
Idea: Outcomerun – Positivity gives you the Edge
Investment: €15,000
Equity: 20%
Location: Originally Wexford but now almost a Dub. Almost!

The Pitch: The 7 Pillar's of the Outcomerun Book, Seminar and Events will help develop a more Positive and Active YOU.

How you came up with Idea: I started a business whereby I organise sporting events 5 years ago. I'm also a personal trainer and a Life Coach. I combined my skills to create the unique Outcomerun concept

Personal Information: I'm the biggest optimist you may ever meet. I've had many struggles in my life but I've bounced back from all of them. I worked in Marketing for 8 years and enjoyed it. My burning desire was to be self employed for as long as i can remember. When made redundant in 2008 I decided to go for it! It wasn't plain sailing, but looking back, I'm glad i grafted as much as i did and continue to do so every day.

The new Life Coaching arm of my business has really taken off. This is my 'A' game. I've had amazing success with many One to One clients. My seminars on Goal setting, Happiness & Confidence have been getting 5 stars on evaluation sheets. It took me a long time to find where my skill-set lay. I was patient - I never gave up. It was worth the wait. Onwards and upwards

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Dragons Den

Name: Deirdre O'Leary & Ryan Garratt
Idea: IDME
Investment: €€50,000
Equity: 25%
Location: Cork

The Pitch: IDME Children's Wristbands, Waterproof, Tear proof and Updateable ensuring emergency details are always at hand. IDME is my response to the hugely stressful scenario that involves children being separated from their carers without any form of identification. Our wristbands will provide contact details for immediate recovery, as well as profile your child's medical requirements.

How you came up with Idea: The inspiration for this product was purely based on our experience as parents of an intrepid 3 year old, too old for the buggy yet way too young to be trusted to stay by our side on any outings. Having lost him through his wandering ways more than once I decided that there had to be a quicker way to get him back to me should it happen again, hence the children's IDME wristband was born. My three-year old now insists on wearing it every time we go out and calls it his 'secret agent' wristband; I call it a little bit of peace of mind.

Personal Information: Ryan Garratt, originally from South Africa, has been living and working in Ireland for the past 12 years. He has been married to Deirdre for 4 years now and together they are the parents to 3 young children, ages 2,4 and 7 weeks Ryan's professional background lies heavily in sales and customer service sector, having managed pubs, clubs, restaurants and retail stores back in South Africa and the UK. On moving to Ireland, Ryan worked for a recruitment agency and soon became one of their star performers and a department manager. Unfortunately this company went into liquidation in 2010, resulting in Ryan becoming unemployed for the first time in his career. Deirdre, a native of Cork, comes from an equally strong sales and customer service background, having nearly 20 years' experience, most recently in retail management and recruitment.

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