Series 5: Episode 3

Broadcast: 17/03/2012

Dragons Den

Name: David Sheridan
Idea: Ship My Tri Bike
Investment: ¤50,000
Equity: 25%

The Pitch:"The start of the biggest bike transport company in Europe "

How did you come up with the idea: Ship My Tri Bike is a company set up to transport triathlete's bikes from Ireland and the U.K to the biggest and best triathlon events in Europe. We eliminate the stress and hassle of transporting your bike through airports. This idea stemmed from my own personal experience of transporting a bike to an Ironman race. I realised that transporting your bike to and from a triathlon event was a logistical nightmare, a PROBLEM WE HOPE TO SOLVE!!

Personal Information: My background is as follows, I graduated from UCD with a first class Honours Degree in 2006 in Sports Management. I represented Ireland at International level in Swimming for over six years. I got into the sport of triathlon in 2010 and established one of the biggest clubs in the country and now I'm looking for a career in the sport.

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Dragons Den

Name:Gerard Sherry
Investment: ¤25,000
Equity: 25%
Location: Co. Monaghan

The Pitch: AUTO-SQUEEGEE is the only squeegee which cleans all types of glass flat and curved.

How you came up with Idea: While driving one day the sun was shining very strong and visibility was very poor due to smears and streaks from cleaning the windscreen with cloths. I thought there has to be something better than this. I started to investigate how to make a squeegee to clean curved glass.

Personal Information: My name is Gerard Sherry, I live in Co. Monaghan. I am married and have 4 children. I have always had an interest in engineering, and problem solving.

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Dragons Den

Name: Avril Mulcahy
Idea: Flirtricity
Investment: ¤50,000
Equity: 10%
Location: I'm from Tipperary, but residing in Dublin.

The Pitch: Flirtricity is the first mobile dating event app to hit the market. It aims to bridge the gap between online dating and real-life chance meetings, bringing back the face-to-face spontaneity of dating. An online dating site will be launched in the future so people can flirt at the dating events whilst also being able to continue their flirtations online after the event is finished.

How did you come up with the idea: I've been involved in the dating industry for nearly 10 years now; organising singles events, matchmaking and coaching singles to take more control of their dating lives. From my experience, most singles miss out on many flirting opportunties, giving in to their fear of rejection. I wanted to change that and help singles with ice breakers in order to make the first move. Dating has changed. Online dating is a global phenomenon and it's part of our lives as millions of singles are digitally flirting this very minute without ever meeting. However, in my opinion, there is nothing like the chemistry of meeting someone in the flesh!

I developed Flirtricity to bridge that gap between online dating and real-life chance meetings, bringing back the face-to-face spontaneity of dating. Flirtricity helps to 'turn on' your electric courage to assist face-to-face meetings; replace chat-up lines in bars with personal messages and it allows you to see everyone at the venue, all through your own mobile device.

I have been working on Flirtricity for a number of months and now version 1 will be launched in April 2013. The online dating side of things will be launched later in the year at

Personal Information:

I'm Avril Mulcahy, Ireland's Modern Matchmaker! I'm bringing dating into the 21st century, blending traditional matchmaking with modern day technology, psychology and know how. Although I'm known to apply some tough love, I also have loads of patience, an eye for chemistry, a passion for fun and I help hundreds of singles find their perfect match.

I started my matchmaking journey nearly 10 years ago, organising singles events in Ireland and Australia. I was known to fill up a busload of singles and head to the wineries, matchmaking all the way! I'm probably best known for my 40 dates in 40 days expedition, which was the first dating journey of it's kind in the world. My blog detailing my journey through the Irish dating scene received phenomenal international coverage.

Today, I am regarded a leading authority on all things dating, I have a BComm & MA in Public Relations and I'm also a licensed NLP coach. For years, I used my skills to package businesses and make them commercially more attractive. I now have the privilege of applying a lot of these same skills to help singles take control of their dating lives, and put the best you out there.

My boutique matchmaking agency,, is the most personal service out there. Top CEO's, successful entrepreneurs, farmers, nurses, teachers and lawyers rely on me and my team to introduce them to like-minded partners.

As a trusted Dating Coach, my goal is clear - to get you dating! I use my NLP skills to help singles break the routines, bad habits and attitudes holding them back from a dating life that their married friends would be jealous of!

Flirtricity and the Supper Safari Club are some of my unique ways of helping you meet, connect and interact with as many people as possible in a fun environment.

I'm a freelance journalist for several newspapers on dating, and I'm honoured to be regularly asked for comment on TV, radio and print, with appearances including; RTE 'The Saturday Night Show', ITV 'This Morning', TV3 'Ireland AM, TV3 'The Morning Show and RTE 'Grainne Seoige's Modern Ireland'. On top of this, I was recently hired as a Dating Consultant to help singleton Dr. Botox on TV3's Dublin Wives. I've also just signed a book deal with a major publisher, which is due out in 2014.

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Dragons Den

Name:Daniel Coleman
Idea: Guilt Free Indulgent Ice cream
Investment: ¤25,000
Equity: 40%
Location: Mayo

The Pitch: Guilt Free Indulgent Ice-cream a healthy option on every table - foods to nourish and delight

How you came up with Idea: While working on the field of molecular gastronomy and exploring scientology of different ingredients, and with the ever prevalent increase in dibetes, celiac disease, lactose intolerance , and obesity epidemic, to name but a few I developed an Ice cream- with health benefits but didn't lack the luxurious quality and taste of normal ice cream. Novel and fun flavours like "goji-licious" "Hemptastic vanilla" & and "Maccanificient Cacao" with a coconut milk base and ingredients that are the richest source of vitamins and minerals in the world.

Personal Information: Danny honed his skills working with some of today's most well-respected chefs including Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal and Phillip Brasil, in Ireland and the UK. He has also worked at a number of renowned establishments such as Knockranny House Hotel and Delphi Mountain Resort & Spa in Westport; the Hilton Hotel in London, Stratford Manor House Hotel and Straivaigen Restaurant in Glasgow.

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Dragons Den

Name: Leslie Dwyer
Idea: Eczemist
Investment: ¤50,000
Equity: 10%
Location: From Kerry, now living in Kildare

The Pitch:

How you came up with Idea: I have spent the past couple of years researching water and its' impact on human, animal and crop health. This research eventually led me to meeting with many different companies and innovators and eventually with a US based innovator that had developed technology to improve the hydrating properties of water. It was during this meeting that a demonstration was carried out with skin hydrating mist manufactured using only water. As a person that suffered with dry skin, this immediately caught my attention. Within seconds of applying the product I could feel it hydrate my skin, deeply.

There is a growing awareness amongst the general public of the levels and effects of certain chemicals in skin care products. Knowing that people struggle to find a product to hydrate sensitive skin I began importing some of this Skin Mist to trial in Ireland. The positive feedback and testimonials was such that I entered negotiations to manufacture and distribute this product in Europe.

Personal Information: Originally from Killorglin, Co. Kerry and now living in Athy, Co. Kildare, I am a single father of one, a beautiful 16 year old girl, Nicole. I have a strong passion and interest in human health/fitness and alternative therapies for the prevention & treatment of health problems. With the use of natural therapies I overcame asthma in my twenties and this opened my eyes to the possibilities that nature has provided to aid in the healing of various ailments. I firmly believe that we are what we eat, drink and think.

On the career side I have worked for 18 years in animal nutrition & health. In 1999 I joined an American ruminant nutrition company, Agri-King and now fulfil the role of sales manager for the Irish market. In the past 18 years I have met truly wonderful people and have learned from each one that I was lucky enough to encounter.

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Name: Conor Brady
Investment: ¤70,000
Equity: 35%
Location: Wicklow

The Pitch: We manufacture and sell fresh, dog food products.

How you came up with Idea: I came up with the idea while working with Guide Dogs in Australia. Two things happened at the same time. First of all I noticed a huge amount of the working dogs in Australia suffered terribly from allergy and were on high-dose medication. This is obviously not ideal and as my background is nutrition I found that by removing these sick dogs from dry, processed food to a more natural, fresh meat diet worked wonders.

At the same time I had started snoring to a high level. I was definitely more bunged up in Australia and wasn't quite sure why. Instead of sucking the roof in on top of us, I was coerced to go for a food allergy test. I was diagnosed intolerant of gluten (wheat), so beer, cakes etc.

This got me thinking, if I couldn't digest gluten and it was causing me a whole host of problems, how are dogs doing living on it for the last half century? In short, not so well at all, in short.

I did some tests, found some extremely interesting results but Guide Dogs there, despite the massive savings on vet bills (and dogs proving easier to train etc), were bound to the cash donations of large dry food companies. I could not feed the equivalent of frozen pizza to dogs under my care and so gave them the ultimatum of me or the dry food. They chose the dry food.

I ran away in a flood of tears and became a hermit for three years. I emerged three years later with one of the first science reference manuals on canine nutrition for vets, and began conducted seminars for canine professionals that have been recognised by veterinary councils. When we returned to Ireland I noticed there wasn't a decent fresh dog food product available.

Personal Information: After a youth in animal shelters, I obtained a doctorate in the effects of nutrition on the gut and behaviour of mammals. From there I joined Irish Guide Dogs in 2006 as a trainer and eventually Pup Supervisor where I over-saw the training and development of hundreds of pups. I went to Australia in '09 to help establish pup programs there.

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