Series 4: Episode Guide

Episode 1

Broadcast: 11/03/2012

Dragons den is back! New Dragon Sean O'Sullivan enters the den for what promises to be the most exciting series to date.

First up is Tony Judge who is hoping his clubs hire USA idea will score big with the Dragons. Ollie and Jean Boyce are hoping to cause a racket with their unique speakers.

Sarajit and Sarah are hoping to heat things up in the Den with their own brand of curry sauces. Alex Sasic is hoping he will smell success in the den with his zero odour product.

Fran O'Brien hopes to impress the Dragons with his travel website and lastly Pat Toner really hopes he can clean up in the den with a Hoover!

Will the Dragons invest?

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Episode 2

Broadcast: 18/03/2012

First into the Den is John Heney with his drive through electric fence. Will John get a shock when he is in the Den? Next in are Father and Daughter Aideen and Declan Curran with their idea Ouch.

Tony Kelly is hoping to impress in the Den with his new invention the vapper dryer. Samantha Rayner and Paul Warren believe that their product prevent a puncture has what it takes to get an investment.

Peter Donnelly hopes to win the Dragons over with his wine dispensers and Professor Peter Weedle will be hoping his Pixy products have some magic in the Den.

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Episode 3

Broadcast: 25/03/2012

Three weeks in and the Dragons are in flying form. First into the Den is Siobhan King Hughes with her unique product Sensormind. Nick Barker is hoping his idea Upcycle will appeal to the Green Dragons.

Brenda Farnhill and Liz Rhodes enter the Den with their new baby range Ruby and Ginger. Colm Nagle tries to keep the Dragons sweet with his website

Billy Higgins feels his idea Tidy Ads will make a tidy profit. Finally Jason O'Reilly makes a passionate pitch for his idea of sports watches that leaves one dragon feeling a little emotional.

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Episode 4

Broadcast: 1/04/2012

First into the den are Dave and Daragh with their new brand of fresh Stock called Pure Brazen. Golfer John price seems to make the dragons giggle with his invention the golf ball cleaner.

Simon Born is hoping his new invention will help Hurley players improve their game. Will the Dragons agree? Anita Johnson has come up with a great way of revamping old furniture.

Lavina Gheorghe will be showcasing her brand new boardgame. Finally Stuntman Dominik and Magician Jo will be hoping to impress with their invention the cardcam.

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Episode 5

Broadcast: 8/04/2012

First in to the Den is Stanley Jackson with his new sports invention the bounce back wall. Marian Mc Namara of will be hoping to impress with her new website.

Engineer Noel Lennon will be showcasing his latest product the Lennon easy anchor. Miriam Devitt will be signing and singing in the den with her idea Superhands.

Damian and Neil will be pitching their idea the Guard Dog Texts and last into the Den is John Murphy presenting his stoneground Irish flour.

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Episode 6

Broadcast: 15/04/2012

Adrian Devane is first into the Den with his cuddly toy babog baby. Liam Murphy and Darach Finnegan will be presenting their new website Cheap as chips. With a name like that surely they can win the dragons over?

Graham and Cassandra Kenny will be hoping their idea first steps forever will interest the Dragons. Kieran O'Flaherty and Alan O'Sullivan are hoping to wow all in the Den with their idea the flood eye.

Adam Roche will be showcasing his product new and Kevin Redmond will be hoping that if he feeds the dragons that might keep them satisfied.

Finally Paul Jacob will be displaying his new smart storage solution.

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Episode 7

Broadcast: 22/04/2012

First into the Den is Sharon Plunkett with her deals site Melita deals. Rory Dinnigan will be hoping his children's bands Linkzees will appeal to the Dragons.

Nigel Treacy has come up with a unique way to remember your furry friends when they pass away with his website Kenneth Sinclair showcases his garden invention the wilkwee and Donal Ward will be pitching his Aluminium Kitchens.

Aoife Cooling will be appealing to the Dragons sense of romance with her unique idea fairway friends and finally Mark O'Callaghan will be showcasing his new came tactico.

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Episode 8

Broadcast: 29/04/2012

First into the Den is Austin Kenny with his idea perfect gift. Raquel Noboa will be showcasing her website my pet

Noel Joyce has come up with a unique way of displaying flower pots with his invention breezy garden. Karen and Frank Daly are pitching their new food products slender choice.

Morag Kelly and Michael Duggan are presenting their book Greenie and finally Eoghan O'Sullivan will be hoping to impress with his state of the art virtual wardrobes Von Bismark.

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Episode 9

Broadcast: 6/05/2012

First into the Den this week is Samantha Kelly with her gift box Funky Goddess. Helen Lubarsky showcases her universal beverage marker Drink Orginiser.

Noel and Geraldine McGlynn introduce the dragons to their Irish travel website in the form of

Paul O'Connell tries to blow the dragons away with his Flue Pot Plug. Next up is Patrick Keegan with his signature golf Landmark Tourist Umbrellas.

Eilis Fitzgerald presents her innovative baby products from her online shop

Fiona Wilson demonstrates her Augmentative App for individuals with communication disorders.

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