Series 4: Episode 3

Broadcast: 25/03/2012

Jason O'Reilly

Name: Jason O'Reilly
Idea: AJ Team Products
Investment: ¤45,000
Equity: 30%
Location: Virginia, Co. Cavan

The Pitch:"Silicone Sports Watch representing team, county, country customised."

How did you come up with the idea: Idea came to me at a Dublin match when wearing a plain coloured watch and thought it would be great to get them in team colours and then the ideas came flowing in. Researched if there was such a product to no avail. Spent several months developing the product and finally produced our watch.

Personal Information: Jason left school early and left Ireland when he was around 16 to get work. He ended up in Jersey doing various labouring jobs and then on to London working as a hod carrier for bricklayers on different constructions sites. Jason and his wife moved to Virginia, Co. Cavan in 2006.

Jason then decided to try his hand in window cleaning and we sunk more money into a business that looked promising and could generate some income. He tried hard and put the hours in, but with the country going the way it is, even window cleaning was becoming a luxury for his customers.

He then came up with the idea of the watches and thought he was on a winner and so decided to apply to Dragons den.

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Brenda Farnhill & Liz Rhodes

Name: Brenda Farnhill & Liz Rhodes
Idea: Ruby & Ginger
Investment: ¤50,000
Equity: 35%
Location: The business is based in Leeds, UK Brenda is from Tullamore, Co Offaly and Liz from Rochdale, UK

The Pitch: "The 'Everything's Covered' Set one of Ruby and GINGER's stylish and innovative solutions for modern parenting."

How you came up with Idea: The original idea was one of those if only I had..moments where we wanted something that wasn't as big as the traditional changing bag but kept all the changing gear needed clean and together in our much loved handbags. This led to our first product idea for the business -the Nappy Purse, a compact and convenient way for parents on the go to carry nappies, travel change mat and wipes.

Personal Information: Brenda worked in the greeting card industry for over 10 years working on range development and account management. Liz worked in the IT industry in the Insurance market for eight years. Brenda and Liz met on a hen party in Cork and became friends and then also became mothers at the same time to Ruby and Noah (aka GINGER) and the rest as they say is history.

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Colm Nagle

Name: Colm Nagle
Idea: Sugar Free Snacks
Investment: ¤30,000
Equity: 30%
Location: Balbriggan, Co Dublin

The Pitch: The diabetic market alone in Ireland is 200,000 people then add to this people who are on a low GI diet that need to satisfy their sweet tooth. More and more research is finding that sugar is contributes to obesity that fat or calorie intake. It's a big market for

How you came up with Idea: In 2003 I was diagnosed Type2 Diabetic and wanted to cut out sugar products for my diet but could not find a good selection of low GI or sugar free products. Initially I set up to serve this market but I am finding more and more customers who are on a low GI or sugar free diet for other reasons.

Personal Information: My professional background is in Supply Chain / Logistics, Manufacturing and Engineering Management within the electronics industry. This is my first venture into starting my own business.

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Siobhan King Hughes

Name: Siobhan King Hughes
Idea: Sensor Mind
Investment: ¤150,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Originally from Galway, based in Dublin, born in London

The Pitch: "Independent living without the worry' An automated monitoring system for older people."

How did you come up with the idea: I have a mainly technical background and I was concerned about my parents in law and thought can we use technology to help. Wanted to apply technology to the real world and come up with something useful to help people like myself worried about older family members.

Personal Information: I have 21 years experience in the technical sector mainly with Blue Chip multinational organisations in Ireland. Was born in London, grew up in Galway and now married two children, aged 10 and 6, and live in Dublin.

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Nick Barker

Name: Nick Barker
Idea: Up Cycle: Skipping ropes made from factory waste products
Investment: ¤13,000
Equity: 13%
Location: Baggot St, Dublin originally from Dublin

The Pitch: Looking for ¤13,000 to make about 4,000 skipping ropes.

How you came up with Idea: During master course in college, went around to different factories looking at waste and the products they make. Saw a handle made from a plastic bottle and thought it would make a good skipping rope handle.

Personal Information: Went to NCAD and graduated 2008, worked for in Dublin for a year in a design consultancy firm. While working in Dublin did a course in Sustainable Design Innovation in Carlow. Then went to Warsaw to do a masters. Made a range of eco-friendly products during the masters and then did a 'Set up Your Own Business' in DIT. Made some products and tried to sell them to shops but needs more money to make more products so looking for a business partner.

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Billy Higgins

Name: Billy Higgins
Idea: Tidy Ads
Investment: ¤17,500
Equity: 20%
Location: London originally, Westmeath currently

The Pitch: TidyAds provides businesses & public spaces with free litter control equipment, (Stainless Steel Bins & Wall Mounted Ash Bins) and rents advertising on them.

How you came up with Idea: Sitting on a bus, I read the fact that 30% of all street-litter collected by local authorities in Ireland, is cigarette butts dropped by passing pedestrians, and thought that there must be a way of profiting from such a problem, whilst counter-acting it at the same time.

Personal Information: I left school at 16, and had decided move to Ireland by 17. I landed at Dublin with £10 in my pocket and started from there, working odd jobs until I took up self employment 18 months ago. Just four years after arriving, I was pitching my business on Dragons Den! I have several business interests at present, and shall continue to pursue them.

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