Series 3: Episode 7

Broadcast: 3/04/2011

Mike Kelleher

Name: Mike Kelleher
Idea: Flood Barrier
Equity: 20%

The Pitch: A barrier that can be fitted to any door to stop flooding.

Came up with the Idea: Tom has developed a product that, once measured can be fitted to any doorway or garage in a few minutes. Through his development he ensured there were no complicated or moving parts. The main barrier is constructed from 30mm pvc which is almost indestructable, and the frame is made from stainless steel which is rust proof. They have tested the product on a purpose built concrete tank which they filled with water. Mike's partner has a business making windows and doors and his factory can make the pvc side of the idea. The welding of the stainless steel Mike can do but investment is needed for a modern laser saw.

Personal Information: Mike has been married to his wife Agnes for 42 years. He has 2 sons, John and Gerald. John lives in America and works as a doctor. Gerald is a secondary school teacher here in Ireland. Mike is originally from a Gaeltacht region in Kerry. When he was 18 he emigrated to America, where he stayed for 25years. He worked in construction over there, until he was drafted into the US Army. He did two years of military service, in a prestigious unit. After that he joined the San Francisco Police Force. He met his wife there, and they both moved back to Ireland in the late 1980s. They now live in Tramore, Waterford. Mike still works a lot in the construction industry. In his spare time he likes to support Kerry in the football and Waterford in the hurling.


Jenifer Matuschka

Name: Jenifer Matuschka
Idea: Exam Survival Kits
Investment: ¤20,000
Equity: 25%

The Pitch:A Lifebelt to a struggling exam student.

Came up with the Idea: In June 2010, Jenifer's eldest daughter Daniela was approaching her Leaving Cert. Like every kid in Ireland, from the moment she woke up in the morning, she was bombarded with teachers, fellow students and media talk of The Exams - how to study, how to approach them, how many hours she should work, how difficult it is to get into college, how many points, what will come up in the Exams. There was no escaping the stress, and at times she was nearly swamped by it. Trying to help, Jennifer would buy bits and pieces, products that might aid her, just to cheer her up, trying to relieve the pressure. One evening, Daniela couldn't study any more, and to distract herself, she made a list of all the things she wished someone would give her to help her get through - and from that List a business idea was born. Jenifer put together a Kit for her, and for her three god-children who happened to be doing Leaving and Junior Cert, which they were thrilled by. Then she started serious research into what the problems are for exam candidates, and what would work best to help. She interrogated students, teachers, parents and a child psychologist, and from all that came the Exam Survival Kit.

Personal Information: The overwhelming experience Jenifer brings to her business is that of parenting five children on a busy dairy farm and being very close to many of their older cousins. As a farmer's wife, she's very involved in the community, and brought the skills she learned in her pre-marriage life, in the Advertising and Sales world, to set up a Country Market in Moone, as well as some pretty successful fund-raising for the local school. Jenifer was also on the board of the local LEADER project, funding rural businesses; and is involved in local tourism and heritage. It's a broad range of interests, and the skills have been useful in many ways in this project.


Tom Ivess

Name: Tom Ivess
Idea: The Ivess Lock
Investment: ¤50,000
Equity: 25%

The Pitch: A Patio sliding door anti lift security device.

Came up with the Idea: For many years, Tom has been installing and repairing doors and windows that had been damaged as a result of opportunist intruders, gaining entry to business or residential premises through patio sliding doors, which can be a very weak point of security. The sliding door is usually lifted up from its rollers and pulled out which can cause serious damage and give easy access to a burglar. Tom looked at every lock and door catch on the market and wasn't happy, so designed the Ivess Lock which is an anti lifting device (meaning when the door is lifted up it slides inward along the pin of the lock, thus preventing the door from being pulled upward and outwards from its position. The Ivess lock can also be used to lock the door in the open position to facilitate room ventilation, control pets and mind small children in the room. Tom has brought the Ivess Lock from its infancy as an idea through the patent pending, research and development, design of packaging, barcoding, prototype manufacture and manufacture and packaging of the product that is ready for sale on the shelf of any Hardware or DIY store.

Personal Information: Tom is married to Catherine, and they have a daughter Jane (20) and a son Sean (13). Tom works in Ballygowan. He has 23 years experience in the window + door manufacturing and installation and repair business. He is a metal fabricator by trade and has worked in many areas of engineering and construction and at the moment he is the lubrication technician and building maintenance person in Ballygowan Mineral Water Company.

There is no problem that Tom will not try to solve and he believes that he has solved the problem of patio sliding door security. Over 50% of home invasions that he has attended, the patio door was the point of entry by the intruder levering off the sliding door. So about three years ago he started to design a lock, and after a lot of building and destruction of prototypes the Ivess lock was born. He plans to make the Ivess Lock a very well known and competitively priced product in the market place.


 Des and Linda Hayes

Name: Des and Linda Hayes
Idea: Moozeshakes
Investment: ¤35,000
Equity: 20% Dealt at: 50%

The Pitch: New, fun, exciting, adventurous and nostalgic.

Came up with the Idea: Des and Linda came up with the idea for Mooz after seeing chocolate bars blended into milkshakes. They realised that these forms of milkshakes really only targeted the teenage market and the other two important markets, the children's market and the mature market, where being neglected. As they stated in the Den, it was with this in mind that they chose to focus on these other markets as well as the teenage market by creating the Mooz brand and not just a store.

Personal Information: Des: After working in the bar business from the age of 14 and eventually buying his own share of Kennedy's Pub on Westland Row at the age of 28, and suffering a loss of his investment 2 years later, Des has spent the last 10 years driving a taxi at night saving to set up my own business.

Linda: At the age of 15 Linda started hairdressing in a salon on Grand Canal Street and served her apprentiship there. When she qualified she moved on up to Liffey Street in the City Centre and spent 4 years working as a stylist. Linda left and spent the last 6 years raising her daughter and son, until Des and herself eventually set up Mooz.


Roy Galsworthy

Name: Roy Galsworthy
Idea: Aquatic Gymnasium Centre
Investment: ¤100,000
Equity: 30%

The Pitch: To open an aquatic gymnasium centre using underwater gym equipment.

Came up with the Idea: The idea of the centre came about when Roy was introduced to a company in the U.S.A who have been making underwater gym equipment for many years. There are lots of these centres in the U.S. and there are none in Ireland or the UK at the moment. His business plan is to open a centre in Dublin and also to have a centre in every major city in Ireland and beyond. The reason for the centers are that there are one million people in Ireland who suffer from arthritis or some type of joint pain and at present there are not a lot of options open to them where they can go to get pain relief apart from medicine.

The centres will also have catered for athletes from all sports who were recovering from injury and also elite athletes who are looking to enhance their performance.

Personal Information: Roy is from Guernsey in the Channel Islands originally and has been living in Ireland for 16 years. He has a swimming pool and leisure business called Riviera Leisure at the present time and has been in the swimming pool industry for 25 years.

They have recently finished designing and building two hydrotherapy pools in the new Aviva Stadium in Dublin and these were unique in Ireland. They pride themselves with being able to give our clients the best products and service in the industry.


Maud Chitiza McGukin, Dermot Mc Guckin

Name: Maud Chitiza McGukin, Dermot Mc Guckin
Idea: Maud's Eco Clean
Investment: ¤60,000
Equity: 15%

The Pitch: "Maud's Eco Clean" is an Irish owned and operated company which provides customers with the healthiest, most thorough professional home cleaning Service ever.

Came up with the Idea: Maud came up with the idea of providing Residential Cleaning after seeing a gap in The Market for a Professional Service. "Maud's Merry Maids" a Maid Service, located in the City-West area of Dublin, took a phone call from a prospective client one day. After giving the woman a price quote, the prospect paused before saying, "I won't be able to afford that now: I'm undergoing cancer treatment" and hung up.

Maud was mortified. Because she hadn't gotten the woman's phone number, she couldn't call back to make arrangements. In that instant, Maud decided no woman undergoing cancer treatment would be turned down by her business. The Bellarose Foundation began offering Care and Home support on 20th Nov 2008.

In 2009, Maud shared her story with another maid service "Maid4 you", Lauragh Bowe Director of this Company joined Maud and encouraged a number of other Maid Services to become Partners. The Foundation grew and in September 2010 "The Bellarose Foundation" celebrated its 100th Cleaning service.

Personal Information: Maud: She came to Ireland from Zimbabwe in Sep. 2000 where she worked for a legal firm. She graduated in Management Studies from Griffith College in 2006. Working as a Professional with a Communications Company she found it difficult to find a reliable maid service for her home. Both she and her husband were working long hours and their home was suffering as a consequence. When the opportunity arose in 2007 to open their own maid service Maud jumped at the chance and made a commitment from day one to provide a Reliable trustworthy service which delivered value for money.

Dermot: 'The Marketing and Public relations guru', simply put Dermot is the person who creates awareness of Maud's wonderful business and informing their customers about their special offers and promotions, always driving down the price and ensuring their customers get value for money. Quality is Important to him so he ensures that customers get a Quality Maid service every time.

Dermot's career started as a Chef after graduating from Cathal Bruagh Street with a Degree in the culinary arts, and working in some of the finest Hotels in the Country. After that he travelled the World Australia - Switzerland - South Africa and many places in between. Dermot still enjoys travelling to broaden his horizons.

In 2004 he found his way into a job he enjoys 'Public Relations' and later graduated from the "Public Relations Institute of Ireland" Diploma programme in UCD. Dermot joined Maud in 2007 when "Maud's Merry Maids" opened its doors and never looked back ever since as they continue to grow from strength to strength.


Brendan Sands, Eileen Forrestal, Glenda Devlin

Name: Brendan Sands, Eileen Forrestal, Glenda Devlin
Idea: Get Up And Go Publications Ltd.
Investment: ¤50,000
Equity: 15%

The Pitch: The Irish Get Up And Go Diary is an inspirational and motivational Diary.

Came up with the Idea: The Diary is the brainchild of Glenda Devlin, which she began in 2002 as The Irish Survivors Diary, as a source of daily inspiration and personal empowerment, in dealing with the challenges of adjusting to life in a new country, and the subsequent illness and death of her husband Tommy. Glenda found that in her own dark moments, her way of looking at life could actually be of benefit to others. After Tommy's death, and in a new partnership with Eileen Forrestal,(a medical doctor committed to empowering people to be at the source of their own health and wellbeing), they changed the name to the Irish Get Up And Go Diary to reflect the positive philosophy contained in its colourful pages. The diary format allows to present powerful content from multiple sources newly every year, and is designed to be used daily. It represents a philosophy that works, and their customer feedback tells them that they have a product that people want, and from which they derive value, benefit and fun.

Personal Information: Now living in Sligo, Brendan Sands is 53 years old and was born into a farming family of 12 children in Newry Northern Ireland.

His three children are adults, with families of their own, and he has a powerful relationship with his brothers and sisters still living. Brendan's youngest brother died tragically in a car accident at twenty five years of age, and just three months married.

Brendan started work at the age of 11 in a petrol station, then worked as a bricklayer for 35 years, and excelled at that. He played judo for 11 years, ran Marathon and Triathlon for 3 years, cycle raced for 15 years, and still continues to cycle or train every week, getting in a few major leisure tours each year. He trekked to Everest base camp in 2003 and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2007. He likes the challenges in life. In 2008 the opportunity come along to get involved with The Get Up And GO Diary, so he got up and went with it. And just like his sports, once he takes something on, he intends to get to the top. (He says "I'm unstoppable" every day). His 'business' experience has been 'listen and learn' and trial and error. He likes meeting and having conversations with people finding out what they offer for life. He is committed to a life of health and fun for everyone.


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