Series 2: Episode Guide

Episode 1

Broadcast: 25/02/2010

Dragons Den is back and things are really heating up. First to face the shrewd investors is Jenny Lynd James and her range of Caribbean foods. Will her 'Bad Boy Pepper Sauce' have our Dragons breathing fire?

From spicy food to flames, enterprising farmers Andrew Byrne & Mark Brown pitch a new briquette made from biomass crops. With a ¤200,000 investment needed and 35 shareholders they'll have to impress the Dragons quickly to get "GreenFlame" off the blocks.

Also pitching in the Den is Daniel Bradfield, he reveals a new system for drying clothes but can Bobby stay awake!

Finally Herbie Porsche attempts to woo the Dragons with both his personality and his product. Will they see enough potential in his 'Toilet Pipe Cover'...

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Episode 2

Broadcast: 4/03/2010

First up is Deirdre Collins and she has decided that the way to a Dragon heart is definitely via the stomach. Will her innovative range of whole-food burgers be tasty enough to make one of our Dragons bite?

Ruth Ruane is optimistic about her assortment of natural herbal health and beauty products 'White Witch' meanwhile Colm Stundon is hoping 2nd time lucky as he braves the Dragons with a brand new invention 'The Roofchute'.

Carlow man Eamon Tracey pitches his product 'The Bin Trasher'. Will his device for compacting waste be rubbished by the Dragons or can he part them from the 60k he needs?

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Episode 3

Broadcast: 11/03/2010

Ever heard the saying 'shut your piehole'? Well James Kennedy and Priscilla Groves are pitching their voiceover website that's named after this American turn of phrase. Priscilla is hoping her pink dress and pink hair will grab the Dragons attention!

Mick Fernandez cooks up a storm with Bobby Kerr over his Indian snack food idea and the Celtic Tiger also makes a guest appearance.

Kevin Hester is last to try his luck. Will his simple invention 'The Kev Valve' have any of the Dragons willing to put their cash on the table...

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Episode 4

Broadcast: 18/03/2010

Kevin O'Connor is hoping to entice the Dragons with his fresh restaurant style gourmet sauces. Will they be delicious enough to land an investment? Meanwhile Sarah Newman plans a wedding abroad with Rosemary Meleady & Zara Stassin as they pitch their business 'Runaway Bride & Groom'.

This week also sees a windmill appear in the den and finally Noelle O Connor's secret weapon is certainly set to catch the eyes of the male Dragons!

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Episode 5

Broadcast: 25/03/2010

Nervous Karen Morgan is pitching her range of contemporary porcelain ceramics, they certainly have the WOW factor but looking good is only half the battle, the Dragons need to see a potential return on investment before they open their cheque books. Will Karen have them reaching for their pens?

Meanwhile New Yorker Anthony Walker is looking for a staggering ¤105,000 to get his novel painting product on the shelves but without a patent he's taking a big risk going on national television... The same cannot be said for Kevin Rickard and his son Tony, they've had a patent for years but what will the Dragons think of their device for watering hanging baskets?

Finally Alison Banton is hoping to soft-soap our Dragons with her range of home fragrance products including scented candles, hand lotion and hand wash. Will the tough investors smell success?

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Episode 6

Broadcast: 1/04/2010

Feisty Kate Carmody has her organic cheese on the menu for our Dragons to taste, she needs ¤50,000 but only from an investor she believes she can work with. With the roles reversed, how will the Dragons feel about being interviewed...?

Meanwhile Torsten and Delia Webster pitch their big plans for a new children's game 'Pixy Cubes' while Ciara Crossan is hoping the Dragons fall in love with her uncomplicated internet business ''.

Last to climb the stairs is enthusiastic pet lover Melanie McGurk, her new website is crammed with pet products and services including an animal memorial section. It will have to make sense financially for the Dragons to bite!

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Episode 7

Broadcast: 8/04/2010

Up first is Maureen Fynes and Mary Joyce, they are hoping the Dragons will firstly enjoy and secondly invest in their new super-food snack. Gavin Duffy is making faces though...

From food to babies, the shrewd investors are energised when Jennifer Shaw and Claire Finnan bounce into the den. There is no doubt these young women have oodles of confidence but can they convince the Dragons to back their upcoming pregnancy and baby fair?

Michael MacDonald is intent on lightening the mood and starts what can only be described as a cocktail hour. The Dragons like Michael but Sean Gallagher thinks his new liqueur tastes similar to a product he tasted many times in his youth.

The last pitch of the day is all about disguise. Kildare man Mark O'Loughlin believes he has solved the problem to the unsightly image of wheelie bins. He needs a big investment and is hoping the Dragons see huge potential in his invention 'The HidBin'.

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Episode 8

Broadcast: 15/04/2010

The last programme in the series starts with a product designed for a booming sector. Aonghus O'Heocha believes he has developed a world beating phone application and needs a Dragons investment to bring it global. Aonghus hits a stumbling block when Sarah Newman admits to not owning or wanting an I-Phone...

The den is then transformed into a beauty parlour as Bobby Kerr tests a new make-up range on his nose but Susan Kilcoyne is hoping the Dragons will do more than simple sample her products. Cathal Boyle is also after much needed funding, he's pitching a new uniquely designed golf bag called 'Easicroc'.

The last entrepreneur to climb the stairs is hoping all the Dragons will want a slice of his business which combines modern communication technology with a very traditional craft. Daithi O Regan knows that one Dragon has specific knowledge of the sector but will that translate into an investment for

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