Episode 7

Broadcast: 8/04/2010

Name: Maureen Fynes and Mary Joyce
Idea: Good Foods - Raw Superfood snacks with real health benefits
Investment: 50,000
Equity: 30%
Location: Galway

The Pitch: "Feel Good Food is a start-up in the health food snack sector. We are currently producing and distributing Feel Good Food's Superfood Energy Snack which is a raw Superfood snack, which has real health benefits. It contains the Superfood Spirulina which is rich in naturally present antioxidants and vitamins. Spirulina is an amazing Superfood. It helps to boost the immune system, and is a complete protein and a rich source of iron and fibre .The initial goal of our project is to create the best possible packaging and start trading in the Irish market. Once we have a proven viable product we believe over a 5 year period we could gain 1% of the Irish Market which is currently worth ¤400m."

Came up with the Idea: Research has indicated that snacks are evolving along the lines of healthy indulgence products, with consumers enjoying guilt-free indulgence through eating snacks that also provide health benefits. This prompted Maureen & Mary to create their own healthy super food snack. Furthermore Maureen was keen to capitalize on the knowledge she gained from running her own cafe and with her corporate and sales background and Mary's nutritional and healthcare expertise a perfect partnership was born.

Personal Information: Maureen is the former owner of Fare Green Food, a cafe which promoted healthy eating and organic food. She is also a former financial advisor. Mary was born in New York to Irish parents where she trained as a holistic nutritional health counsellor. She is a trained registered nurse with the HSE, and a practitioner of the holistic arts both in Ireland and the USA. In addition she received her master's in Public Health at New York University which is an Ivy League College in New York City. Mary moved to Ireland in 2006.


Jennifer & Claire

Name: Jennifer & Claire, Huggy Bloom Enterprises Ltd
Idea: Pregnancy and Baby Fair
Investment: 24,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Dublin

The Pitch: "Huggy Bloom Enterprises Ltd is an event and exhibition management company. The first event is Ireland's Pregnancy and Baby Fair"

Came up with the Idea: Jennifer got married six months ago and discussed the possibility of starting a family with her husband. This conversation led to an idea where both Claire and Jen worked together to develop Ireland's pregnancy and baby fair.

Personal Information: Jennifer Shaw is 24 years old with a degree in Business and HR. Claire Finnan is 29 years old and has a degree in nursing and a Masters in communications and PR.

Outcome: A remarkable encounter took place in the Den and resulted in Jennifer and Claire hooking not one but four Dragons. Sarah, Sean, Niall and Bobby each invested 6k for 12.5% each.

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Name: Michael MacDonald
Idea: SINN - Natural cocktail 16% Alcohol with plant extracts including seaweed.
Investment: 100,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Mullingar

The Pitch: "This is a unique product with 5 years R&D. We have attracted top quality management and a conservative projection will hot 20% of the market in 10 years".

Came up with the Idea: He came up with the idea in 2003 as he was sitting discussing bio stimulant technology and Sea Plant extracts. They struck on the idea of using the specialised yeasts to induce alcohol in a mix of plant extracts by trial and error for two years, with some interesting results. Now the product is 100% stable and has no adverse after effects. This is a drink for leisure, hot or cold, diluted or straight.

Personal Information: With his partners Stephen Bray and Ingo Iven they formed a team in 2007. Together they believe in Quality, Product, and People.


Mark O'Loughlin

Name: Mark O'Loughlin
Idea: The Hid Bin
Investment: ¤50,000
Equity: 40%
Location: Naas

The Pitch: "The Hid Bin is a flat packed portable but sturdy screening frame which uses synthetic hedging to camouflage domestic wheelie bins."

Came up with the Idea: Mark came up with idea for Hid Bin whilst exhibiting his synthetic grass for domestic gardens at "Bloom" in the Phoenix Park last summer. A passer-by commented that if they could hide his bins with some fake hedging he'd buy it in a heartbeat!

Personal Information: A farmer's son, Mark attended Newbridge College and then went to DIT where he studied Marketing and Design. He worked in Germany, USA and Australia and several jobs in Ireland before deciding he wanted to be a landscaper at the age of 30. He describes himself as a 'jack-of-all-trades' but his passion is designing and creating gardens. He now specializes in importing and installing synthetic grass for the domestic, childcare and corporate niches. Mark is married to Anne and has a daughter aged 7 and a son who is 5 (and a half!).

Outcome: There was a lot of positive feedback on the Hid Bin from the Dragons, but it was Gavin Duffy who struck the final deal of ¤50,000 in return for 40% of the business.

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