Episode 5

Broadcast: 25/03/2010

Alison Banton

Name: Alison Banton
Idea: Brooke + Shoals Fragrances. Home fragrance products consisting of scented candles, hand lotion, hand wash and room fragrance.
Investment: 65,000
Equity: 15%
Location: Greystones

The Pitch: "My range of Home Fragrance Products called Brooke & Shoals Fragrance stand out from the crowds because 1, they smell divine, 2, they are high quality and well presented and 3, they contain natural ingredients where possible and 4, they are Irish made".

Came up with the Idea: Alison came up with the idea as she sold similar products in her retail business and decided she wanted to create her own version that were Irish made and smelt better.

Personal Information: Alison is married with two little girls aged five and eight. She has a background in marketing and branding. I have always wanted to be my own boss and run my own business.

Outcome: For the first time on Dragons Den Sean and Sarah made a joint offer to Alison. They offered to each give her half the money but wanted 50% of the company in return. Alison believed two Dragons were better than one and accepted their offer.

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Name: Anthony Walker
Idea: Paint Tray Liner & Disposable Roller Bag
Investment: 105,000
Equity: 40%
Location: Dublin

The Pitch: "Paint tray liner acts as a liner between the paint tray and paint, getting rid of messy clean up. The roller bag acts as a storage bag for wet (painted) roller and disposable bag for the roller".

Came up with the Idea: Anthony's father came up with this idea some thirty years ago and to this day still uses it.

Personal Information: Anthony is a design engineer living in Dublin for the last 13 years. He has an Irish son and two daughters and one grandson in New York. He loves designing and engineering of all types. He rides a unicycle, plays basketball and loves music and life in general.


Name: Kevin Rickard & Tony Rickard (son)
Idea: The Water Guardian
Investment: 90,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Co. Mayo

The Pitch: "The Water Guardian is a unique watering system designed specially to water hanging baskets grow-bags and other garden containers. This product has a full patent granted, a World-wide and European patent pending, and a Community Registered Design. This reservoir takes 20 seconds to fill and maintains healthy plant life for seven days. We are looking for ¤90.000 investment and for that we are prepared to offer 10% equity of our company."

Came up with the Idea: Kevin started working on this idea in 1995 when he owned his own garden centre with his wife Mary. It soon became apparent the best way to water plants in hanging baskets or any container was accurate watering. Kevin's son Tony helped design the shape of the Water Guardian as we know it now.

Personal Information: Kevin is an avid nature lover of flora and wildlife. He enjoys painting with water colours and has a fascination with Astronomy and the Cosmos. He says "Time is a very precious commodity, all any of us can do is decide what we are going to achieve with the limited time we have been allocated."


Karen Morgan

Name: Karen Morgan
Idea: Karen Morgan Ceramics
Investment: ¤40,500
Equity: 20%
Location: Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny

The Pitch: "We want to expand and increase marketing for our existing ceramics business".

Came up with the Idea: Karen designs a unique range of contemporary porcelain functional ceramics for the craft giftware market. She sees her work as innovative in design as she combines sculptural forms with functionality, giving a twist on everyday items. The idea and inspiration came when she was a student and designed a piece for the student designer 'Habitat House and Home Awards', for which she won first prize. The winning product had to be commercial and innovative and easily mass produced. This was the catalyst to launch her range of products.

Personal Information: Born in Limerick, Karen studied ceramic product design in LSAD. She then went on to train in the Crafts Council of Ireland pottery skills and design course in Thomastown Co. Kilkenny. She has worked and taught in the industry for the last number of years. In August 2007 she established a co-operative studio and gallery with two other local potters called 'Earthworks'. Karen began to produce and sell her product range of contemporary porcelain functional ware, including her award winning pestle and mortar and serving dish.

Outcome: After four Dragons bowing out, Niall sweeps in and offers 40k for 50% of the company. Karen accepts!

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