Episode 2

Broadcast: 4/03/2010

Deirdre Collins

Name: Deirdre Collins
Idea: Dee's "Eat Well, Be Happy" Burgers
Investment: 30,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Cork

The Pitch: "We have created an innovative range of wholefood burgers specifically tailored to have a high nutritional health value. It is suitable for vegans and coeliacs."

Came up with the Idea: Deirdre had the idea for Dee's "Eat Well, Be Happy" about three years ago while studying Food Science in UCC. She spent a lot of time in supermarket aisles looking for fast, healthy options for lunch or dinner and was always amazed at the amount of salt, fat, sugar and artificial additives in food. She was also working in an office at that time and noticed her colleagues would bring in a pitta and salad one day or a pitta and a tin of tuna the next and complained about feeling hungry again at 3 or 4pm. What was missing in these lunches was fibre, a good quality protein and some "good fats". She designed the range of burgers to fill this gap in the market creating something that was quick, convenient and most importantly, nourishing.

Personal Information: Deirdre grew up in County Clare on the shores of Lough Derg and has a natural affinity to roaming around fields in wellies! Her Father, an avid angler, gave her and her sister a great appreciation of nature at an early age. His favourite saying is "Is fearr an tsláinte ná na táinte" i.e. your health is your wealth; which is probably the most important lesson she carried into her adult lives. She enjoys music and played the piano from an early age, a talent she gets from her grandmother who was a fabulous pianist. Her sister is opening an organic beauty salon in Galway in early 2010 and believes entrepreneurialism runs in the family.

Outcome: Dee received offers from 4 of the five Dragons! In the end Dee picked Niall O'Farrell. She received ¤30,000 in return for 25% of her business.

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Name: David Murphy and Colm Stundon
Idea: Roofchute
Investment: 30,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Limerick

The Pitch: "The Roofchute collects rain water and feeds the rain water into the water tank by gravity feed, without the need of a pump. We are looking for an investment of ¤30,000 in return for 10% of our business."

Came up with the Idea: David and Colm came up with the idea on a wet stormy evening in Limerick. David's first thoughts were to direct water from the roof to the hot press for storage of rainwater until they sat down and put their thoughts together and they invented the Roofchute which allowed them to collect the water above the storage tanks and feed directly to them without the need to pump.

Personal Information: David and Colm came up with the idea on a wet stormy evening in Limerick. David's first thoughts were to direct water from the roof to the hot press for storage of rainwater until they sat down and put their thoughts together and they invented the Roofchute which allowed them to collect the water above the storage tanks and feed directly to them without the need to pump.


Name: Ruth Ruane
Idea: White Witch - a range of natural herbal health and beauty products
Investment: 100,000
Equity: 25%
Location: Co. Galway

The Pitch: "I am looking for an investment of ¤100,000 in return for a 25% share in White Witch"

Came up with the Idea: In 2005 she was developing a range of cookie dough mixes and found another use for left over oatmeal. From their White Witch was born. She has now developed over 30 natural health and beauty products under the White Witch name. Ruth is passionate about natural products and has worked hard to ensure her products do not come in packaging that can harm the environment.

Personal Information: Ruth has shown entrepreneurial spirit all her life and has had more than one business in the baked goods industry. Her entrepreneurism started before she left school when she made and sold hand painted postcards, football flags, and stenciled children's wooden chairs. After school Ruth trained as a baker and started a business which developed a range of breads which she later sold on. Ruth also trained as a graphic designer and co runs Loewen Media with her husband.


Eamon Tracey

Name: Eamon Tracey
Idea: The Bin Thrasher
Investment: ¤60,000
Equity: 20%
Location: Co Carlow

The Pitch: "The Bin Thrasher compacts household waste in a wheelie bin, which gives 40% more space in the bin, and saves the householder money on waste disposal."

Came up with the Idea: Eamon saw the need for the Bin Thrasher when his friend broke his leg while trying to manually crush his rubbish to create more space in his bin. His friend then asked Eamon to come up with something to help compact his rubbish without having to get into the bin, so the Bin Thrasher was the result. He then went on to create a larger version of the Bin Thrasher for the commercial market.

Personal Information: Eamon started his own business, Treacy Engineering, in 1974, and specialised in making tubular steel and wrought iron gates and railings, sheep penning, sheep feeders, tipping trailers and a variety of items for farmers. He hails from Kildavin Co. Carlow and has lived there all of his life. He has two children Nigel, 33 and Nicole, 23 years. He is a big fan of country music and he enjoys television, dancing and socializing.

Outcome: Eamon received a lot of complements in the Den but in the end it was Sarah Newman and Bobby Kerr's offer of ¤60,000 for 40% of his business that Eamon and the Dragons shook hands on.

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Minor Pitches

Name: Sherry Nugent
Idea: Irish Quilting magazine, showcasing quilt/features on Irish backdrop
Investment: ¤60,000
Equity: 15%
Location: Co Wicklow

The Pitch: "Irish Quilting is a magazine and a whole lot more. Irish Quilting is a brand. It is Ireland's authority on quilting. The product and the name stand to attract many American and Australian quilters with more than 40 million on record."

Came up with the Idea: Irish Quilting was born out of a sitting and stitching discussion in November 2008. Sherry saw a gap in the market for an Irish quilting magazine, of which there was none and thought she would start her own. Knowing how Irish quilters love all the American quilting magazines she saw an exciting prospect for Irish quilters and also the possibility of selling it abroad.

Personal Information: Professionally trained in journalism and technical writing, Sherry is a businesswoman devoted to quilting. Merging both, quilting and writing, this editor brings a fresh and new approach to quilting in Ireland. A native Californian, Sherry lives in County Wicklow with her Irish husband and two daughters.


Name: Sandra Stanley
Idea: Print Delicious
Investment: ¤45,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Bray

The Pitch: "Print Delicious personalised chocolates inexpensively add the 'wow factor' to any event, product launch or conference. I am looking for ¤45,000 in return for 10% of our company."

Came up with the Idea: Sandra was looking to go back to work after having her twins Sean and Roisin. After a lot of research she came across Chocolography (The Chocolate Printing Company) in New York. She discovered what could be done with chocolate using a Chocolography machine and was amazed. She visited New York to see the Chocolography (The Chocolate Printing Company) for herself and found that it was in operation for ten years and they were very professional, so she decided to start my own Chocolography business in Ireland.

Personal Information: Sandra is married to Derek and has twins Sean and Roisin (aged 10) and lives in Bray, Co. Wicklow. In 1990, Sandra and Derek moved to London where they managed Mulligans of Mayfair, Restaurant and Oyster Bar. After winning awards for their management of the pub they decided to move home and to buy their own. They have successfully owned and managed The Boomerang Bar since 1997.


Name: Peter Cummins
Idea: Paint Brush Holder
Investment: ¤25,000
Equity: 3%
Location: Carlow

The Pitch: "The paint brush holder is an excellent promotional product which can be given as a free item with any paint related items including - paint, paint brushes, roller trays or masking tape."

Came up with the Idea: During a quiet spell for his business Peter decided to look for an every day problem that needed to be solved for a commercial venture. He had a few false starts including a door draft excluder that seals to the ground when the door closes. However his window and door experience should have thought him that there are not enough drafts anymore to make it commercially viable and it didn't get past the development stage of a few rough drawings. One day when he wasn't thinking at all about inventing his eyes hovered on a paint container in the back garden and thought of a simple device which could hold your paint brush. Simple and easy to use he hopes the product has the worldwide appeal that he wanted.

Personal Information: Peter is a 41 year old toolmaker living in Garryhill, Co Carlow. He has 24 years experience of tool making. He is self employed and owns his own business since 2000. Peter is married to Louise with three small children, Daragh (4), Aisling (3), and Cormac (1).

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