Episode 6: Tina Reid

Q: Explain your Dragon's Den experience?
A: The whole experience was dream like. I went through it and was totally aware etc but felt it was happening to someone else. It was highly enjoyable yet terrifying. The cameras did not bother me and I actually forgot they were there once the initial few minutes of the pitch was over and I totally felt relaxed once questioning started.

Q: Who was the toughest Dragon?
A: Trying to gauge their faces and what were they thinking. Romona asked questions that I didn't feel were necessary for the business but I know she was trying to know ME. I feel I could have worked well with her as she spotted "something"...I had just been offered a job and was in a bit of a dilemma of which route to go...my dream or wages.

Q: Were you nervous?
A: Terrified but I think it was more in anticipation than in the actual doing...if you know what I mean.

Q: Were you surprised by some of the questions?
A: Not really, the depth of getting to know ME was a bit of a surprise initially. For two years ME was the business and I had forgotten the other aspects of my life, I think so I kind of found that a bit daunting.

Q: Who was most interested in your idea?
A: I think Sean and Ramona were keenest. I feel I could have worked well with Ramona. I don't think Gavin saw the whole potential which surprised me...the fact that he has horses in livery and is not an actually yard owner may be the reason, because it is a different perspective from owners angle.

Q: Would you have done anything differently?
A: Not really, I could have pushed harder but I got a lot from the experience. I will build on the "non" positives and turn them. It was an opportunity I wouldn't and couldn't have missed.

Q: Would you recommend applying for Dragon's Den to any other budding entrepreneurs?
A: Most definately...even if you don't get the money the whole experience is fulfilling and personally challenging and very rewarding.

Q: In five year's time where do you see your product/company?
A: I will keep working away at raising money to get to the next step, am progressing nicely at the minute. I will be in full production in five years in line with my business plan. It's all good

Q: What is your lasting memory of the Den?
A: Feeling exhilarated and chuffed at the fact that I had pushed myself to do this...my worry is the analysis at the end....hope they are not too cruel!!! But I am happy with what I did

Q: At any point did you think you wouldn't get the investment?
A: Gavin, Barry and Ramona seemed keen and after a small discussion they all decided to pitch in.


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