Episode 1: Yellowbrick Career Transitions Solutions

Q: Explain your Dragon's Den experience?
A: It was unpleasant to say the least. I've had to pitch an idea before but never to a group who so obviously had no interest or understanding of what we are about or what we are trying to achieve. If they had taken the time to discuss the figures with me i.e. the facts versus their opinions - they would have seen the opportunity available to them.

Q: Who was the toughest Dragon?
A: I don't think anyone was worse than the other. It was very difficult pitching a business idea in such an artificial and staged environment. There wasn't much dialogue back and forth.

Q: Were you nervous?
A: Of course I was nervous who wouldn't be? The adrenaline was really pumping but that's not a bad thing. I'm passionate about Yellowbrick and really believe in it.

Q: Were you surprised by some of the questions?
A: I wasn't so surprised at the questions they asked. What really surprised me were the questions they didn't ask. They just didn't understand the concept and equally couldn't see it's potential. They seemed to very much focus on the pricing and the ¤2,500 price tag. I think there was some confusion about potential customers. The Yellowbrick market will be large scale companies shedding jobs - Multinationals, Semi State, Public Service and Financial Services

Q: Who was most interested in your idea?
A: Once Peter Casey had said his piece I don't think any of the other Dragons were prepared to test the waters. It was like pitching in a vacuum - a vacuum with a really hostile backdrop! Once Peter had finished it was quite literally like someone had thrown water on a fire. It's hard to be enthusiastic and passionate when your audience have no interest and you know in your heart and soul you've lost them.

Q: Would you have done anything differently?
A: I wouldn't have bothered with the technical content in my initial pitch and just told them I could give them a 700% return on their investment based on our projections. That probably would have got their juices flowing because let's face it, they're there for the money.

Q: Would you recommend applying for Dragon's Den to any other budding entrepreneurs?
A: Absolutely! It's a really good opportunity. No matter what stage you're at with your business it will help you focus and further refine your business idea or concept. It will definitely accelerate your passage to the next level.

Do it, but as they say "be afraid"

Q: In five year's time where do you see your product/company?
A: I believe we will be one of the leaders in Career Development; Transitions and Placements in the future.

Q: What is your lasting memory of the Den?
A: One can still be "out" without being rude - it's just common courtesy.


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