Episode 10: The Easy Grower

Q: Explain your Dragon's Den experience?
A: My experience of the Dragons' Den was brilliant. It proved very tough and tested me on how much I knew my business. It was an excellent experience and a great opportunity to get.

Q: Who was the toughest Dragon?
A: For me Gavin was the toughest Dragon, he really tested me on my business.

Q: Were you nervous?
A: At first I was extremely nervous but once I got in the Den I was able to settle and focus on the questions.

Q: Were you surprised by some of the questions?
A: I was surprised by some of the questions, they showed how down to earth the Dragons really are. But at the same time tested me on how much I knew my business.

Q: Who was most interested in your idea?
A: I think Ramona was most interested but The Easy Grower grabbed the attention of the other Dragons also.

Q: Would you have done anything differently?
A: If I had this experience again, I would focus more on the figures of the business.

Q: Would you recommend applying for Dragon's Den to any other budding entrepreneurs?
A: I would definitely recommend applying to any budding entrepreneur who believes in their business. It is a once in a life time opportunity and I am glad I took the opportunity.

Q: What does this mean to you personally?

Q: In five year's time where do you see your product/company?
A: In five years time I hope to see my business going from national and into bordering countries. While also expanding the product range of the company.

Q: What is your lasting memory of the Den?
A: My lasting memory is how quiet the Den is, it tested my nerves but after I got in I was able to focus on the questions.


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