Episode 1: Itininery world.ie - Fran O'Brien

Q: Explain your Dragon's Den experience?
A: It was both the most nerve racking & most exciting thing I've ever done. While it was tough & not getting the investment, it was a great learning experience & a real eye opener.

Q: Who was the toughest Dragon?
A: NORAH! She's a tough cookie. While I've no doubt she gets numerous requests from people wanting to be travel writers, that's not what I'm aiming to do. I'm not looking for someone to support my lifestyle as myself is pretty good as it is.

Q: Were you nervous?
A: Anyone not nervous is insane. I think what made it worse was when I finished my 2 minute pitch & none of the dragons spoke for 10 seconds. That felt like 10 minutes & felt as if I should grab my surf board & go for the exit!

Q: Were you surprised by some of the questions?
A: No. The one question that stumped me was how I would channel the money for marketing. I hadn't thought of that as part of my pitch was that I wanted the dragons to help me with that direction for www.itineraryworld.com

Q: Who was most interested in your idea?
A: Niall. I think he liked me as a person mostly. I think his mind was made up when he said 'Fran I don't know if I could give you 20 grand....(picture me in a t-shirt with a baby on it, shorts, flip flops + a surf board to the side)....You look like you'd head straight for the airport'.

Q: Would you have done anything differently?
A: After hearing the questions & having time to think about them I definitely have better answers. I don't think I got my personality across as much as I'd like to with the answers I gave but it's so hard when it comes to the time.

Q: Would you recommend applying for Dragon's Den to any other budding entrepreneurs?
A: Yes it's a great opportunity & an excellent learning experience.

Q: What does this mean to you personally?
A: At the moment I will continue with the day job but it's given me a lot of confidence in my idea & I got some good advice. With the right backing www.itineraryworld.com will work - the concept is proven by the wide variety of advertisers + users.

Q: In five year's time where do you see your product/company?
A: Being one of the most useful travel websites in the world & being incorporated into travel websites all over the world.

Q: What is your lasting memory of the Den?
A: About to walk into the Den & another entrepreneur walking in the door in a suit & seeing me in my shorts, t-shirt, Flip Flops & surf board in hand & saying 'Oh Jesus no - I'm way over dressed'


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