Episode 6

Broadcast: 26/03/2009 - This episode has now expired

Name: Lisa O Connell
Idea: Clean Pass
Investment: €130,000
Equity: 12%
Location: Mullingar, Co.Westmeath
Web: www.cleanpass.ie

Product:Clean Pass is a unique specialized course in infection control and hygiene for support staff in the healthcare sector.

Came up with Idea: CLEANPASS was developed in response to the increased instances of Healthcare Associated Infections in Irish hospitals, long stay units and nursing homes. Lisa O'Connell has a training company Forus Training based in Mullingar, Naas and Athlone and has carried out training contracts within the Irish Healthcare Sector over the past decade. She saw how individuals were adversely affected by family members and loved ones contracting infections while in hospital. Lisa then set about putting a course together based on best practice to eliminate cleaning related cross contamination. The course was constructed by Dr. Maeve Harbourne graduate of Trinity College and Ann Byrne who had worked as clinical nurse manager in the renal unit in Beaumount Hospital. They based the course on the Safe-pass System that makes sure that each individual's training is in-date and up-to-date so that hospital environments will be cleaner and safer.

Personal Information: Lisa O Connell is from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, she is the Managing Director of Forus Training www.forustraining.ie. She qualified with an Honours Bachelor of Education from St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra, Dublin in 1997. Forus Training was established by her in 2000. It started out with a workforce of two people and has expanded ever since. The company primarily concentrated on IT training in the early years, however, she has diversified to other areas of training, Management and Cleaning training. She was awarded the title "Business Person of the Year" in 2008 by Mullingar Chamber of Commerce. CLEANPASS is a new venture for Lisa, established in 2008. She is currently expanding CLEANPASS into the UK.


Name: Darren Louet-Feisser
Idea: SourcingProductDesign.com
Investment: €75,000
Equity: 15%
Location: Carrick-On-Shannon, Co.Leitrim
Web: www.sourcingproductdesign.com

Product: Soucingproductdesign.com create new innovations or re-invent existing ones, from initial concepts to supplying a finished product, branded, packaged and ready for the market. Entrepreneurs don't know the path to bring an idea from to the market and Sourcingproductdesign.com can supply the whole chain from the Research and Development service to supplying a finished product from initial design to a final product, branded packaged and ready for market.

Came up with Idea: Sourcingproductsdesign.com are a Research & Development company with 8 years expertise and are constantly creating and reinventing products. The soldering iron has been around for decades and they developed it further.

Personal Information:Darren is 31 years old, from Carlingford, but living in Leitrim with his girlfriend. He has an honours degree in product design from NCAD, graduating in 2000. He also does stand up comedy and he windsurfs.

Outcome: Niall, Sean and Bobby invest at 15% each

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Name: Tim Rowe
Idea: Chordelia
Investment: €150,000
Equity: 25%
Location: Bantry, Co.Cork

Product: A devise that makes guitar playing easy and fun. Tim has invented a devise which clips onto the neck of the guitar and forms the chords for you. All you have to do is choose the chord you want (with one finger) and it will do all the complicated, mechanical, holding-the-right-strings-down-at-the-right-place stuff for you, while you strum with the other hand. So anyone - even a complete beginner - can pick up a guitar and play - INSTANTLY. Chordelia is lightweight but sturdy, with no wires, batteries or electronics, and they clip on or off a guitar easily. They'll come in a range of styles and colours, with at least 12 chords each (which can form millions of songs), and variations for left-handed players, disabled people, etc.

Came up with Idea: Tim has been working on different designs for this product for the past 4 years, making dozens of prototypes. He finally cracked the last of the problems at the end of 2008 and filed for a patent.

Personal Information: Tim lives in the countryside with his wife Sandra. Tim has designed and built hundreds of things including the house they live in. He grows plants, teaches and writes about bees and other subjects. He plays the drums in a rock-band and makes a small living selling honey. Whenever Tim gets the chance he potters about in the workshop inventing things. He recently patented - and secured an international license agreement for - a new type of beehive.


Name: Kurt Reinhardt and Carl Denby
Idea: Sentinel Fuels
Investment: €100,000
Equity: 5%
Location: Ballyhaunis, Co.Mayo

Oilguard has been designed as a stand-alone unit for the residential market. It has an onboard gauging system and an anti-theft alert that when activated it will sound a siren locally to alert the home owner. It is designed as an easy fit DIY system and supplied with full tried and tested installation instructions.
This unit is designed with full on board gauging, re-order and anti-fuel theft scenarios. It is supplied with a GSM unit for text messaging a re-order instruction to the oil supplier. In the event of an attempt to steal the oil it will sound a siren locally and text an alert message to the home owner and or the Garda.
Oilguard alert is designed for the residential use and will be brought to the market through security alarm companies. It will be installed as an additional zone sensor to the existing security alarm system. It has full reporting capabilities and no visual displays other than a power on LED. The unit is be tampered to standard.

Came up with Idea: In 2002 his family home's fuel was stolen twice in one week which prompted him to come up with a solution which would prevent it from happening to homes all over the country. Kurt spent 2 years designing and developing the product.

Personal Information: Kurt is married with 3 children. He is originally from Ballinteer but moved to the west in 2000. He ran his own security firm from 2001-2007.

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